Domesticated Bliss (or miss)….

Because not every women was born domesticated

The Bike Man October 30, 2009

November is Epilepsy Awareness Month!!


Some of you may know The Bike Man, and chances are if you do, you have even experienced his potty humor, lack of mouth filter and all out attitude about bald jokes. That’s right the Bike Man (aka Justin my husband) is truly a great guy. We are closing in on our 1 year anniversary (September 20, 2008), and I was just thinking that this time last year I was planning a wedding. I really have not spent much time writing, let alone thinking of that day until this past week. I realized on my own blog I really have not truly introduced the special man who I married.

The Bike Man is known around town for his bike riding ability. He is a “pro” mountain biker, a title that he has spent very long to gain. Together we have traveled all over this great country to help him reach his goal of “pro”. He talent and goal driven personality are very attractive, he never lets the impossible go unreached. While many pro athletes have spent their childhood training specifically for their sport, The Bike man only started 8 years ago.

Some may know that The Bike Man struggled as a child with a learning disorder caused by epilepsy. The Bike Man spent years being pricked, prodded and probed in a hospital to try and find where his seizures were located in his brain. When The Bike Man reached his (awkward) teenage years his seizures had stopped, and the doctors thought they had finally found the right medicine to control them.

I met The Bike Man in Jan of ’06, while vacationing in the Outer Banks in July of ’06 he suffered a grand maul seizure, the first I had seen. After that he continued to suffer from them regularly. The seizures mainly came in his sleep, (only once while driving on I-64, but he told before hand and pulled over) and seemed to be a lot worse than the ones of his childhood.

In the Spring of ’08 The Bike Man and I drove 3,000 miles across country for 2 weekends of national level races. While we were in Arizona just a few hours before he was to be at the starting line The Bike Man suffered a seizure. All I knew was that he had to be there when the race went off. The Bike Man finished 6th out 50 guys that evening and continued to get 1st overall for the entire weekend of all 3 races. Because of his greatness in Arizona he was able to upgrade to the “pro” level.

With all of The Bike Man’s will power and ability to over come obstacles I feel like he makes me a better person, nothing seems impossible. As of last December The Bike Man has been on medication that can control these seizures, there came a point that I had to give him mouth to mouth since he would stop breathing.

Some have asked me if it scares me, or how do I react so calm to the seizures, but all I can say is that I am not in control of them God is, and I cant make him change his mind. I pray that one day he will out grow them (he has out grown his hair). The Bike man and I don’t let the seizures define him or us, we just hope they make us stronger as couple. I believe he is truly someone to look up to.

At some point I must of thought to myself “I have to marry this man” because that is exactly what I did! When all else fails marry your best friend!

The Bike Man is not always perfect, as a matter a fact he loves to push my buttons. He has them down pact, and loves to initiate war by messing with me. The Bike Man and I do everything together just like to peas in a pod, and just like the Bible states we are now one. We really love our life despite when times are tough. He really is the man of my dreams, the man who I prayed for in Bible Study when I was 14, the man I want to grow old (not bald) with and the man who will father my child (Ridley-the dog).

Chelsea and Justin

The Bike man works with his Dad as a land surveyor (did you know George Washington was a land surveyor?) and part-time at Bikes Unlimited as a bike mechanic (he went to school for this). He spends most of his week training and eating for races on the weekend, and of course loving me (ha).

To be honest….I think I am a lucky girl!

chelsea and Justin 2


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