Domesticated Bliss (or miss)….

Because not every women was born domesticated

c+j July 30, 2009


How I found my missing puzzle piece…. The Abridged Version….

He hates when I tell this story but he isnt blogging is he?

Well actually, Justin and I met on a rainy (well it may have been clear,but we will say rainy). Ok, so Justin and I met on a stormy evening in Jan of 2006.

So originally he messaged me on myspace (dont worry we have since moved to Facebook…keeping up with the times).

Then my cousin Britt noticed we were messaging and decided to play cupid. We went out on a date and then a few more.

Justin is a pro mountain biker, and we traveled all over the country, I never left his side. Check out my post about The Bike Man.

We eventually fit together like peanut butter and jelly!

On a chilly afternoon after a hike to the top of sharp top mountain he proposed and i said YES! We started planning…now we are married and have an adopted pet dog named Ridley. The three of us are now peanut butter, jelly and white bread!


One Response to “c+j”

  1. Suzanne West Says:

    “Proposed”, not “purposed” honey….LOL my little inventive speller!

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