Domesticated Bliss (or miss)….

Because not every women was born domesticated

Life Bliss January 15, 2010

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So, I could say that for the last weeks I have been couped up in the mental ward of our local hospital suffering with a mad case of Seasonal Depression, and that wars has no internet connection. I could also say that I caught a case of terrible flu and have loss all control of my fingers so I couldn’t type a blog. Or maybe you would belive that I tried a Forest Gump, and I just started running and didn’t stop, and if you saw me now you wouldn’t recognize me due to my beard, and the S@#$ on my shoe. But alas, none of these have happened….I have been so super-duper busy with a little thing called life. I am planning, crafting and living for my girlfriend’s baby shower…and boy do I have a BUNCH of cute things to share, if only I had the time to upload the pictures. My life has been uber chaotic, and folks to add a cherry on top…I started training (cycling) again. For those who don’t know, last year…well exactly one year ago I looked like this….

Yuppers, a serious injury ruined my year. During a duathlon I suffered from a stress fracture in my heel bone, that eventually became a BREAK. For the last year I have not felt myself, I had not been training and gained a few pounds and it wasnt until recently that I realized why. I just needed to get back on the bike in a serious way. I still feel “not myself”, and I decided to back to school in the fall…so my mind has been all over the place- Forgive me!!

So folks, I will be trying to upload the pictures on Sunday since the forecast says 90% RAIN and I promise some good stuff to come. I love all the people I have “met” via the blog-world, and I do make the rounds everyday I just don’t always leave comments….

So even though I feel like this sometimes…

Hopefully, with some serious support this summer will be like this..


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