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Winter Bliss January 4, 2010

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A few weeks ago Virginia was a winter wonderland…those who do not know, we don’t get a lot of snow…so this was very exciting! Early in the morning, when all was quiet The Bike Man, Ridley and I took a walk on our trail in the back yard and I took some photos. I want to share them so those with fancy schmancy camera experience can give some constructive criticism.

Can you belive this guy?!? We can’t keep him out of the water, even when it’s below freezing!

Here is the Bike Man, with Ridley (left) and Cal (right), they are my favorite guys!

So can anyone help with my camera skills (I mean lack of camera skills)!?!?!?


2 Responses to “Winter Bliss”

  1. jenloveskev Says:

    what beautiful pictures!! Isn’t it so gorgeous when it first snows and I can’t believe the dogs go in water even though its so cold.

  2. Fun times! And nope, I cannot share a bit of helpful information since I use a Canon A470 Power Shot, meant more for capturing everything BUT the beautiful details. Hope you have better equipment than I?

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