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Because not every women was born domesticated

Baby Shower Bliss January 16, 2010

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So here is a peak of the Baby Shower I am working on…..But it is ONLY A PEEK!!

The best buy I made was a few of these 2-tier serves. $5 from Wal-Mart…part of the Better Homes and Garden line. However they were boring, so I fixed ’em up…

Also I found a pattern for these bird cages online for free, and they fit my theme like a dream…so far theres 20 made, and I hear there are a few more in the works…

I decided to make garland…like everybody else in the blog world, so here is a tini peek at it.

I am sure you can finish that sentence…try ….”It’s a Girl”!!!

This is a Ruffle Pile of all the different garland!

So for now it is just a peek, but folks please stand by, because it’s gonna be awesome!


Life Bliss January 15, 2010

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So, I could say that for the last weeks I have been couped up in the mental ward of our local hospital suffering with a mad case of Seasonal Depression, and that wars has no internet connection. I could also say that I caught a case of terrible flu and have loss all control of my fingers so I couldn’t type a blog. Or maybe you would belive that I tried a Forest Gump, and I just started running and didn’t stop, and if you saw me now you wouldn’t recognize me due to my beard, and the S@#$ on my shoe. But alas, none of these have happened….I have been so super-duper busy with a little thing called life. I am planning, crafting and living for my girlfriend’s baby shower…and boy do I have a BUNCH of cute things to share, if only I had the time to upload the pictures. My life has been uber chaotic, and folks to add a cherry on top…I started training (cycling) again. For those who don’t know, last year…well exactly one year ago I looked like this….

Yuppers, a serious injury ruined my year. During a duathlon I suffered from a stress fracture in my heel bone, that eventually became a BREAK. For the last year I have not felt myself, I had not been training and gained a few pounds and it wasnt until recently that I realized why. I just needed to get back on the bike in a serious way. I still feel “not myself”, and I decided to back to school in the fall…so my mind has been all over the place- Forgive me!!

So folks, I will be trying to upload the pictures on Sunday since the forecast says 90% RAIN and I promise some good stuff to come. I love all the people I have “met” via the blog-world, and I do make the rounds everyday I just don’t always leave comments….

So even though I feel like this sometimes…

Hopefully, with some serious support this summer will be like this..


Anthro Bliss January 5, 2010

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Bouquet Of Stripes Tee

Bouquet Of Stripes Tee $68

Sun Dot Dress

Sun Dot Dress $148

Florid Orbs Necklace

Florid Orbs Necklace $198

Beribboned Buds Cardi

Beribboned Buds Cardi $88

Winding Road Tank

Winding Road Tank $48

Set Sail Trousers

Set Sail Trouser $118

Best In Show Blouse

Best in Show Blouse $128

Ripe Berry Jacket

Ripe Berry Jacket $118

Early Blooms Tee

Early Blooms Tee $78

Lift-Off Jacket

Lift off Jacket $118

Frills & Stripes Blouse

Frills and Stripes Blouse $88

Friendly Competition Top

Friendly Competition Top $68

Oh to be a Wayfarer! Drool worthy right?!!? Or is it the thought of Spring laying months ahead. Anthropologie, why do you do this to me?


Winter Bliss January 4, 2010

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A few weeks ago Virginia was a winter wonderland…those who do not know, we don’t get a lot of snow…so this was very exciting! Early in the morning, when all was quiet The Bike Man, Ridley and I took a walk on our trail in the back yard and I took some photos. I want to share them so those with fancy schmancy camera experience can give some constructive criticism.

Can you belive this guy?!? We can’t keep him out of the water, even when it’s below freezing!

Here is the Bike Man, with Ridley (left) and Cal (right), they are my favorite guys!

So can anyone help with my camera skills (I mean lack of camera skills)!?!?!?


Knit Bliss January 3, 2010

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Ugh! I know I have been so Lamo lately! Well, I’ve been trying to figure somethings out in my life right now…and with thinking comes knitting, right?!?! Well, awhile back I complained that I lost a blog, and I wanted to share some fabulous yarn with you that I found on Etsy…well, the day after Christmas my yarn arrived, I was so excited I swear I had walked to the mailbox everyday knitting needles in hand. The yarn is all handspun and handpainted, which I find tedious and worth the price I paid!

So, the yarn was a little pricey, however it was incredibly worth it! It hails from an Etsy site called Pancake and Lulu, and the yarn I have been working with is called Parfait.

PARFAIT - handspun and handpainted gypsy yarn by pancake and lulu
CITRINE Thick and Thin Semi Solid - Handpainted Bulky Wool Yarn by Pancake and Lulu
CHILI CHAR -Handspun and Handpainted Gypsy Yarn by Pancake and Lulu
CRIMSON - handspun and handpainted pure merino yarn by pancake and lulu
VERDI -handspun and handpainted pure merino yarn by pancake and lulu
SUGAR PLUM -Handspun and Handpainted Gypsy Yarn by Pancake and Lulu
SPICED - handspun and handpainted pure merino yarn by pancake and lulu
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year, The Bike Man and I have been doing some snowboarding….I wont lie, it is tougher than cycling for sure!  Hopefully this year I can become more in tune with my intuition, and be sweeter than sugar!