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Tea Bliss December 20, 2009

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On friday afternoon I joined my (preggo) girlfriend Kristina, and her mom for tea at the Williamsburg Inn, in Colonial Williamsburg. Kristina and I are regular afternoon tea attenders. We visit tea houses all over Virginia, and we even each had our bridal party luncheon at a tea place in town! So, this was extra special since it was our Christmas tea, and the first time we attended tea at the Williamsburg Inn. The grandest part happened when we left, while we had been inside by a roaring fire we had no idea it had started snowing! I wont lie, it was a little hoitty toitty in there, when I broke out my camera everyone looked at me like I was crazy! Because I was so crazy to bring my camera I had my flash off, so not offend any old ladies (I didn’t want to be whacked with a cane!).

Ah! Pregnant Kristina (due April 20th) Stay tuned to for the baby shower I am working hard planning!!!

So, by the end of the night, as I was driving home in the sleet and the slush, I lost my Grinch attitude for like at least 20 minutes. Hopefully with all the family time coming up I can finally be myself again.


4 Responses to “Tea Bliss”

  1. zoe Says:

    Saoirse and I had tea at the Fairmont in Whistler. It was fabulous! Next time you come to California, let’s go to the Huntington Library Tea Room one afternoon!

  2. What a lovely tea with ladies who lunch – I mean take tea.

    God do I feel you on the taking pictures and how people like to stare. I just don’t give a flying fringle anymore! I live by images and I need to document when I’m moved.

    We went to bruch at Bar Boulud today and I saw these artworks by Vik Muniz. They looked really Georgia O’keffe’s flowers that have references to the female body. Muniz’s works were wine stains on white linens, all of different vintages and grapes. It was a fascinating medium, so I took pictures in a bit of a hyped up NYC restaurant whose patrons don’t support personal passion.

    Hubby is learning to support it! Yours?? BTW, Merry Christmas!

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