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Busy Busy Bliss November 24, 2009

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As the Holiday’s grow near I find myself busier and busier with work, life and everything in between! I always have tons of things I would like to share yet never have the time or a way to articulate it. My Holiday crafts, and baking will be in full swing after Thanksgiving, and maybe pictures can express my thoughts. Speaking of Thanksgiving, my hubby, my in-laws and I will be headed out tomorrow to a nice cabin in the woods until Saturday (MY BIRTHDAY!!), and I am looking forward to the tranquility and peacefulness the woods has to offer!  What are your Thanksgiving plans? Back years ago, I was born on Thanksgiving, and therefore it has always been my favorite holiday!

So, something I have to share today is simple yet sweet, and may or may not be right up your alley…. Last night while I was knitting away, I watched a very inspiring Disney movie called Up. You may recognize the picture…..

Up Soundtrack by carlosjtj.

Up is the story of an elderly man looking for adventure and fulfilling his life long dream after his wife passes away, and I think there is a lot to be learned from it. Now of course I spent half the movie crying (no NOT PREGGO”S). Even if you dont have children this is definitely a heart warming movie worth checking out.

Lessons learned from Up!

1. Even if you never leave the comfort of your home, town, neighborhood or state as long as you are surrounded by love, and laughter your life will be full of adventure and whimsy!

2. The most opposite of person may be the perfect companion.

3. Your biggest and wildest dreams can and will come true whether you’re 8 or 88, you just always have to believe.  When there is a will there is away, just use building blocks to make your way.

4. Life can go on after a death of a loved one, it takes finding a balance between grieving and moving on.

5. Dog’s will always be loyal, even if you yell at them.

6. Friends will always be there for you, even if you have to drag your house across the cliffs just so you can find the perfect location. This also means, you must always be there for your friends even if you have to go to great heights to rescue them.

7. Your perception of life may be different from your life partner’s perception. Little things in life can tickle most anyones fancy!  So embrace the little things and enjoy the larger things, but it is the love in your life that makes it what it is.


Maybe for Thanksgiving this year you should Red Box, or Netflix Up!

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4 Responses to “Busy Busy Bliss”

  1. Eric Hegwer Says:

    I loved that movie!

  2. susan Says:

    i’ve not seen that movie….. we’ll have to rent it! i hope you have a wonderful Thanksgivng and Birthday!! We are hosting it here so I’ll be at home cooking away! Thanks for the visit 🙂

  3. athenazoe Says:

    UP was a fantastic movie. I saw it in 3D when it was in theaters and have seen it three times in the past week… with Saoirse. 🙂 It make me laugh and cry. SERIOUSLY cry. I’m talking, bawl my eyes out cry.

  4. So true that dogs always love and want love no matter how awful you behave to them. Makes me want to save them all from cruel people.

    You are an abundance of energy, my dear, I hope you take that to the Thanksgiving table and to your birthday for all to enjoy!

    Gobble gobble,

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