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Christmas Card Bliss November 13, 2009

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FINALLY my Christmas cards are complete (minus the personal notes on the inside)! Thanks to the Nor’Easter that has taken over  Virginia, there has been nothing else to do, so completing them seemed like the optimal activity.

When it comes to Christmas cards, it is completely unlike me to send them (I could barely get out my wedding Thank-you’s), however this year I wanted to give it a try. I gave myself a few guidelines:

1. I wanted to hand make them

2. I did not want to include a picture of my little family (people know what we look like, I didn’t want to remind them)

3. I wanted at least 90% of the raw materials to come from my current crafting selection

4. I didn’t want to waste a bunch of paper over mistakes

5. I was not looking for perfection, and I didn’t want to spend long hours hunched over a lap desk on my bed craft table 

Now, of course I wanted to create exact replication of the samples at the scrapbook store, but who has time for that?  I also would have had to purchase a thousand bucks worth of stamps, paper, pens and dangle things. I wanted to look like the craft God, the almighty maker of Christmas cards, but I know the true reality of that.

So, I decided to use an old Christmas magazine from last year, and cut out the pictures to make a collage (thanks to my handy-dandy Martha Stewart knife). I was able to make 2 different collages. I scanned them into the computer so I could shrink them to a smaller size, and was able to print 2 on each piece of paper. Since I pre-made my Christmas card list I didn’t over print. Then I used card stock paper I already had to make the card form, I bought the colored paper, and reused ribbon from last year. I spent less than a few bucks, wasted little paper and used a BUNCH of my craft supplies I already had. I will have to purchase plain white envelopes, but I did find them really cheap at           Wal-Mart the other day.

Chelsea 023

Chelsea 021

 My Christmas cards were simple, cheap, and hand-made. They aren’t perfect-but everyone knows not to expect that from me. They were also not made in a pet-free enviroment…what can I say, Ridley just loves crafting with his mom! Things got so rousing he fell right to sleep.

Chelsea 013

 Big announcement coming…..


4 Responses to “Christmas Card Bliss”

  1. Zoe Says:

    lol his face is hilarious. he’s like “ugh, girl crafts.”
    the cards came out cute! good job. you might be inspiring me to make my own this year….

  2. Wow, you found a way to make them unique, yet reproducible. I think I could make a collage and scan it too! Just need the will to do it! Maybe we’ll wait until we have our first baby to get into that routine?

    Are you planning on a handwritten note or form letter? How many are you sending out? Can I have one;-)??

  3. lissa Says:

    they turned out just darling and people will be so blessed to receive them! Christmas cards are my favorite part of the season!

  4. Very impressive! Seriously I’ll be lucky this year to send out store bought ones;)

    Referring to your comment earlier on my blog…if he wants you to improve on fashion that sounds like a green light to me. I’d be skipping to Anthro to buy that cute dress…he told you so right??:) Have a great weekend.

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