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Hump Day Bliss November 11, 2009

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Today is round 3 of Hump Day Bliss, so please leave your favorite recipe in the comments!

So…. I have been mildly absent for a few days. To tell the truth, I have been knock down- drag out BUSY with a capital B!

On Monday after a few hours of work, I rushed to downtown Norfolk with some ladies from church for dinner and a speaker (which was better than dinner and a movie), and Tuesday I was too busy at home and work (not to say I blog there-just couldn’t post one in the queue), plus getting in my bike ride before the rain came.

Now back to the Bliss,  for today’s oh so decadent bliss I have to introduce my brother….Ethan (Hi, brother)!

He is a super cool guy, totally taken (who cant deny a man who can fish) and he gave me the recipe for semi-homemade cinnamon rolls!

So simple I could do it! At this point I have to stop this conversation  and say due to my lack of patience with baking, and my inability to listen to directions-my cinnamon rolls came out smaller than expected. They were delicious none the less. I did have to listen to The Bike Man tell me all the ways he could have made ’em better, but people people hear me now- THEY ARE AWESOME!


dough (I was told to get the Trader Joe’s pre made pizza dough, however I did not get by TJ’s therefore I grabbed the Pillsbury pizza dough-you know they keep it over there by the butter and cookie dough. This where I went wrong….1st 1 container was not enough to feed several hungry people, 2nd it was a little thin to start out with) Recommendation: If you can’t get to TJ’s- double up on the layers with the Pillsbury brand.

Melted Butter (Here is another place I over judged, I did 1 1/2 sticks of butter-why? you ask, mainly to clog the arteries of everyone I know, and because Paula Deen says there is no such thing as to much butter. recommendation: 3/4 stick of butter-waste not, want not).

Lots of cinnamon and sugar (at my house I eat cinnamon sugar toast for breakfast EVERY morning so we already have our perfect mixture of the 2 ready to go)

chelsea's meal 001

First I spread flour on the counter, and then rolled out the dough

chelsea's meal 002

Then because I a bit nostalgic I melted the butter in a pan, instead of the micowave…it just tastes better that way!

chelsea's meal 004

Then I brushed the butter all over the rolled out dough

chelsea's meal 006

And spread the cinnamon sugar mixture all over the butter, I made sure to get it everywhere!

chelsea's meal 007

Then….roll it up and cut it into chunks! Ethan said they HAVE to go in a Pyrex dish to keep the butter from running! Of course I listened, since I didnt want my butter ro run away and not head straight fo my thighs!

While they cooked (375, for like 15 minutes, just keep an eye on them. I kinda like mine gooey and not over cooked) I made the frosting

cream cheese

powered sugar


splash of vanilla

I wont lie here, I made way to much! I used the entire package of cream cheese, 3/4 of the bag of powdered sugar and splashes of milk. Then I had the pleasure to beat it…Beat it…Beat it…. ( I now have enough frosting to frost 1,000 cookies, and that is exactly what I might do)

chelsea's meal 011

Then after all the waiting…the mouth watering waiting, they were ready!

chelsea's meal 013

And, that my friends could make any Hump Day better! Even though mine were not perfect looking, or as big as a frisbee, they were still delicious-better than the store-bought, and as tasty as Cinnabon -oh no she di’dnt- oh yes she did, the proof is in the pudding folks, they were really that good!

Thanks Ethan for the recipe!

Ethan and his awesome girlfriend Sarah (Hi Sarah!)!


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  1. susan Says:

    those sound yummy! i’ll have to give them a try! have a great week! susan

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