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Weekend Bliss November 6, 2009

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This weekend will be half relaxing, and half racing for us! Saturday after a bike ride I will be finishing up my Christmas cards (so I can hopefully share them on Monday), and Sunday we will be off to Maryland for a little Cyclocross Racing (and me practicing with the new DSLR camera)!! Woot Woot … Go Bike Man! ….I hope you all have a spectacular weekend, I am sure you deserve it!

Dont forget to read The Bike Man Bliss

So Au revoir….

Chanel (8 by 10 Fine Art Photograph)

Fleur   TTV 5 by 5 Fine Art Photograph

Partly Cloudy  (6 by 9 Fine Art Photograph)

For The Love Of Roses (Set of four 5 by 5's or 8 by 8's) Fine Art Photographs

What Summer Means To Me  (Set of Four 5 by 5 Fine Art Photographs)

Happy Friday (8 by 8 Fine Art Photograph)

Ladybug Love (5 by 5 Fine Art Photograph)

Butterflies Are Free (8 by 10 Fine Art Photograph)

Peach ( 8 by 10 Fine Art Photograph)

There Aren't Enough Days In The Weekend Version Two (8 by 8 Fine Art Photograph)

Photos beautifully taken by Kristybee Photography, see her blog too!


7 Responses to “Weekend Bliss”

  1. athenazoe Says:

    I love the bubbles picture and the one with the flower and the sun. How come…. you haven’t posted about your new computer yet! What is wrong with you!

  2. domesticatedbliss Says:

    I know, I know….I need to post about it. First I have to learn to use the thing!!

  3. Sarah Says:

    These photographs are beautiful. Thanks for the link! 😀

  4. lissa Says:

    those are beautiful photos! I Need to start thinking about my christmas cards too!

  5. My Owl Barn Says:

    Gorgeous post! Love all of them.

    • Enchanting photography. We had a delightful weekend too but, unfortunately, have no plans to get holiday cards out.

      Any tips on how to motivate us and what medium (photograph card, ecards (no, right??), handmade. . .)

      Is everyone else doing the card thing?

  6. jenloveskev Says:

    oooh what kinda of cards are you doing?
    We need to start thinking about ours too!

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