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Etsy Bliss November 5, 2009

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Today’s Etsy find didn’t take me long at all. Although I normally go to one of my 300+ favorites, this Etsy find of the day, this artist was on the front page, and caught my eye immediately! It is always exciting when I find another marvelous artist that is so inspiring, I want to head to my down town art studio (its make-believe) and create all day!  Her name is Anne-Julie Aubry, her Etsy shop is The Nebulous Kingdom, and she makes her home in the south of France (what could be more inspiring than France?). Anne-Julie’s art is extremely enchanting, and almost a little…sexy.She has taken innocent fairy tale characters and brought them to life, through her own imagination, and creativity. Anne-Julie’s Etsy shop has prints, pocket mirrors, jewelry and post cards all available with her creations. Her art is extremely affordable, and has different undertones (dark/light) that would look special in any home. Take sometime and think about your Christmas list for 2009, and who these prints might be good for, I was thinking ….me.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

The Queen of Hearts 13/100

The Queen of Hearts

The Tree of Love

The Tree of Love

Girl at Poppies - open edition print at 15.00 USD only

Girl at Poppies

Snow White

Snow White

 An Enchanted Christmas

Enchanted Christmas

Happily ever after - The Bride

Happily Ever After

Early Morning 19/50

 Early Morning

Snow White and Rose Red 9/100

Snow White and Rose Red

Springtime Blossom 15/50

Spring Time Blossom

The Sirens Song 4/100

The Sirens Song

The Blonde Princess (from The Lost Key series) 14/50

The Blonde Princess

Love at Kindergarten - open edition print at 15.00 USD only

Love at Kindergarden

Follow this link to read an interview with the fabulous (pronounced FAAAB-U-LOOUUS, in a deep voice) Anne-Julie.

Don’t forget to have a GREAT DAY!

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