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Introducing… November 2, 2009

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The Bike Man and I (and Ridley too, since he is part of the family) bought a new toy yesterday. I blame it on the rain, if it had been sunny and warmer we would have been at the park, or riding our road bikes or some other outdoorsy type activity. Unfortunately it rained yesterday, and was super chilly and windy. Crapy weather makes for 2 things, both of which I did: 1. LAZINESS!!! 2. SHOPPING!. So, off to Best Buy we went…with 2 things in mind a new camera (since the one I have been waiting for has been back ordered for months), and a new Apple MacBook Pro. It was going to be one or the other, and a new DSLR camera came home with us. Not to leave out the Apple, we are going back there this week to pick up that beauty (Christmas came early for us this year from TBM’s parents)! So enough with the mumbo jumbo…..Introducing my new baby….

Canon Rebel

18-75 mm lens and 75-300 mm lens (telephoto), and a couple of filters…I am super-duper excited. I feel like I have entered a new era (seeing how I was the only one in blog land, and regular land with out one). My “want” list has grown, hhmmm flashes, lens…oh the things I’ll need. All I have to say is you better watch your face, cuz I got my paparazzi camera now!

Chelsea J Raynes 660

Besides my bikes this has to be one of most coolest items I have bought myself! Now, I gotta learn it, love it and take lots of photos!


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