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Hiking Bliss November 1, 2009

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So like I had said Friday…The Bike Man, The Rid-ster and I conquered Mount Everest (or something similar), on Saturday. To be honest, we almost didn’t make it, I almost had a complete breakdown, and there was a red neck hunter. We are alive and well (sore, oh so sore) today though. Our hiking  trip was at  Sherando Lake in Virginia, along the Blue Ridge Mountains on a 12 mile loop. The crazy thing is….after the trail ended the car was still 3 miles away, so do the math. I took lots of pictures while I was in a good mood, and before my near breakdown. The beautiful fall leaves were a little pass their peak, but still eye-catching and all the scenery kept me ooo-ing and ahhh-ing. The hiking part was fun for the first 4 hours, and then started getting a bit tougher as the time wore on (we topped out at over 7 hours). The Bike Man called it a bonding experience, I dont feel any closer to him then I did before the hike, but it was a nice time.

Chelsea J Raynes 652

Chelsea J Raynes 651

Chelsea J Raynes 649

Chelsea J Raynes 648

Chelsea J Raynes 647

Chelsea J Raynes 643

Chelsea J Raynes 640

Chelsea J Raynes 639

Chelsea J Raynes 638

Chelsea J Raynes 636

Chelsea J Raynes 631

Chelsea J Raynes 629

Chelsea J Raynes 628

Chelsea J Raynes 624

Chelsea J Raynes 621

Chelsea J Raynes 618

Chelsea J Raynes 617

Chelsea J Raynes 613


I guess now that it is over and done with I can look back and laugh at the way I had to walk because of aching arches, and how I had to carry by survival gear backpack since my back was aching. At the end, as we crested over the mountain (and asked the man how far it was to where we parked I really felt the tears of pain well up in my eyes), I realized just how lucky I was at the very moment the beauty of earth was all around… ok that was crap, but it was very pretty and I would only recommend small 3 mile hikes.


2 Responses to “Hiking Bliss”

  1. Zoe Says:

    The trees are so pretty! Love all the colors!

  2. Zoe Says:

    and, PS, your dog is too big. 🙂

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