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Crafty Bliss November 30, 2009

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My younger brother’s girlfriend, Sarah is a fabulous crafter. She is very arts, and she’s always creating something. I’ve told her before to photograph her fantastic designs, but this was the first time I’ve caught it on camera! For my birthday she gifted me some awesome Anthro stuff, but it was her card, and wrapping that had me at hello….

For her birthday, in October, she received The Cricut Cutter…and now it’s on my Christmas list! You dont have to own the cutter, but I thought I could share this cool crafting machine!


Product Details

The Cricut® Personal Electronic Cutter machine is the future of home crafting. Simply by touching a button, Cricut® can cut beautiful designs and alphabets for card making, scrapbooking, and paper crafting.

No computer is required, just plug it in. Place your favorite cartridge in your Cricut® and choose from hundreds of designs in 12 different sizes; ranging from 1″ to 5-1/2″! That’s thousands of possibilities! Cutting customized shapes and alphabets has never been easier.

The Cricut® machine weighs only 7 lbs and comes with the George & Basic Shapes cartridge, to get you started

With the Cricut Sarah was able to create me a super-duper cute card… Sarah even transformed a plain ol’ white envelope into a very personalized gift. She obviously put time and effort into making an extremely special gift. With paper, and some beads Sarah made a one of a kind card, that meant a lot to me!

Sarah didn’t stop at the card either…. in our family gifts are always wrapped magazine perfect, and Sarah fits right in!


Sarah shared her special paper flower secret…and I will share it with you! It’s a FREE craft download from Fabric Maven Amy Butler.  Sarah made the flower with materials she already had….I mean who doesnt have a ton of cute paper lying around, I am guilty of being a paper queen…so is my mother!

Amy Butler’s website actually has a bunch of fun and fancy FREE downloads that are definitely worth checking out!

So now that Christmas is approaching (a little less than 4 weeks!!!!), I thought that Sarah’s fabulous wrapping, and card making was worth sharing. Even in a down economy gifts can still look just as beautiful as they do in a magazine! Sarah was able to most of her crafting from already owned craft supplies, and took an ordinary brown book and made it extraordinary!


Thanksgiving Bliss November 25, 2009

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Happy Thanksgiving!! I just wanted to belay my thanks for everyone in my life, my job, my family and God….and Ridley, ooo and The Bike Man! I hope you have many things to be thankful for this year!!


Busy Busy Bliss November 24, 2009

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As the Holiday’s grow near I find myself busier and busier with work, life and everything in between! I always have tons of things I would like to share yet never have the time or a way to articulate it. My Holiday crafts, and baking will be in full swing after Thanksgiving, and maybe pictures can express my thoughts. Speaking of Thanksgiving, my hubby, my in-laws and I will be headed out tomorrow to a nice cabin in the woods until Saturday (MY BIRTHDAY!!), and I am looking forward to the tranquility and peacefulness the woods has to offer!  What are your Thanksgiving plans? Back years ago, I was born on Thanksgiving, and therefore it has always been my favorite holiday!

So, something I have to share today is simple yet sweet, and may or may not be right up your alley…. Last night while I was knitting away, I watched a very inspiring Disney movie called Up. You may recognize the picture…..

Up Soundtrack by carlosjtj.

Up is the story of an elderly man looking for adventure and fulfilling his life long dream after his wife passes away, and I think there is a lot to be learned from it. Now of course I spent half the movie crying (no NOT PREGGO”S). Even if you dont have children this is definitely a heart warming movie worth checking out.

Lessons learned from Up!

1. Even if you never leave the comfort of your home, town, neighborhood or state as long as you are surrounded by love, and laughter your life will be full of adventure and whimsy!

2. The most opposite of person may be the perfect companion.

3. Your biggest and wildest dreams can and will come true whether you’re 8 or 88, you just always have to believe.  When there is a will there is away, just use building blocks to make your way.

4. Life can go on after a death of a loved one, it takes finding a balance between grieving and moving on.

5. Dog’s will always be loyal, even if you yell at them.

6. Friends will always be there for you, even if you have to drag your house across the cliffs just so you can find the perfect location. This also means, you must always be there for your friends even if you have to go to great heights to rescue them.

7. Your perception of life may be different from your life partner’s perception. Little things in life can tickle most anyones fancy!  So embrace the little things and enjoy the larger things, but it is the love in your life that makes it what it is.


Maybe for Thanksgiving this year you should Red Box, or Netflix Up!

View Image


Etsy Bliss November 17, 2009

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So, I have tons of fun and creative ideas to share from last nights event with R.Home, however this is not the post with all those tidbits! I didn’t bring my new DSLR camera, so my pictures are kinda stinky- plus after 1 glass of wine I was little …well, lets say not myself!  I was able to meet Sherry and John from Young House Love, and they were just awesome, and that is all I can say right now!

So today I have some awesome Etsy Christmas Gift finds! I feel like I hit a gold mine of new (to me) artists today. So let me share!

Honey Boo, is an illustration, Mixed Media and Digital Art shop with some great finds….However I was thinking about jumping on the printable calendar bandwagon. For only $5, you get a PDF of all 12 months that you could hole punch, pop a ribbon in and call it a fabulous gift…the best part is- you can print it as many times as you like!

Printable 2010 Calendar - Flowers
Truths of Life - Printable 2010 Calendar
Red Flowers - Printable 2010 Calendar
Instructions for Life - Printable 2010 Calendar
The Craft Pantry, carries Eco-Chic products for the environmentally cautious folks on your Christmas list. From great grocery totes, to lunch bags each item as adorable graphics, and some can be personalized.
Recycled Classic Tote - Folkart Pods
RECYCLED Lunch Bag Personalized Family Market in Sky Blue
RECYCLED CLASSIC Tote - Big Leaf in Citron Green NEW
For the Foodie on your list (ME! ME!) I found this cute little shop called Lemon Bird Handmade Jams. The Jam of the month club is a little more pricey, but sounds like a fantastic gift!
Blood Orange Jam
Pear and Anise with Balsamic Vinegar and Honey
Papaya with Vanilla Beans
Since I am a huge puppy lover (Hi Ridley!!) when I found this shop, I broke out the wallet! These dog tags will make all the other pups in the neighborhood jealous!  With a name like Make Your Dog Smile, you know it could draw oooo’s and aaaahhh’s outa my mouth!

Big Exciting News Bliss November 15, 2009

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Here it is Sunday night, and I am just getting around to sharing my big news! I can be sure to know that most of you are familiar with Sherry and John over at Young House Love (YHL), and if you are a fan of them over at Facebook, you will remember their giveaway they had just last week. The winner would receive 2 free tickets for R.Home for the Holidays , with guest designer Eddie Ross and …. get this, more than likely meeting Sherry and John!

Well, I entered, and I won!! I never win anything, except a mountain bike race, but this way cooler. The event is held tomorrow (Monday) night at the Virginia Historical Society, and Eddie Ross will be discussing holiday projects and more! Tickets were still available as of Friday ($15 a pop), so if you are interested check out the website. I will be sure to share any tidbits I pick up, and maybe even snap a pic with Sherry and Jon. My special guest I am bringing is my sister Maile!! I have been so  excited since I found out, now I just need to find an outfit worth dawning over in Richmond (much higher society than Williamsburg- for sure!)!!


Christmas Card Bliss November 13, 2009

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FINALLY my Christmas cards are complete (minus the personal notes on the inside)! Thanks to the Nor’Easter that has taken over  Virginia, there has been nothing else to do, so completing them seemed like the optimal activity.

When it comes to Christmas cards, it is completely unlike me to send them (I could barely get out my wedding Thank-you’s), however this year I wanted to give it a try. I gave myself a few guidelines:

1. I wanted to hand make them

2. I did not want to include a picture of my little family (people know what we look like, I didn’t want to remind them)

3. I wanted at least 90% of the raw materials to come from my current crafting selection

4. I didn’t want to waste a bunch of paper over mistakes

5. I was not looking for perfection, and I didn’t want to spend long hours hunched over a lap desk on my bed craft table 

Now, of course I wanted to create exact replication of the samples at the scrapbook store, but who has time for that?  I also would have had to purchase a thousand bucks worth of stamps, paper, pens and dangle things. I wanted to look like the craft God, the almighty maker of Christmas cards, but I know the true reality of that.

So, I decided to use an old Christmas magazine from last year, and cut out the pictures to make a collage (thanks to my handy-dandy Martha Stewart knife). I was able to make 2 different collages. I scanned them into the computer so I could shrink them to a smaller size, and was able to print 2 on each piece of paper. Since I pre-made my Christmas card list I didn’t over print. Then I used card stock paper I already had to make the card form, I bought the colored paper, and reused ribbon from last year. I spent less than a few bucks, wasted little paper and used a BUNCH of my craft supplies I already had. I will have to purchase plain white envelopes, but I did find them really cheap at           Wal-Mart the other day.

Chelsea 023

Chelsea 021

 My Christmas cards were simple, cheap, and hand-made. They aren’t perfect-but everyone knows not to expect that from me. They were also not made in a pet-free enviroment…what can I say, Ridley just loves crafting with his mom! Things got so rousing he fell right to sleep.

Chelsea 013

 Big announcement coming…..


Etsy Bliss November 12, 2009

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Christmas of 2007 I attempted to make ornaments for everyone on my gift  list. I thought it was a grand homemade money-saving idea that everyone would love.

I failed.

I failed due to my lack of patience, following directions and inability to take my time the ornaments were a huge flop (like a lot of other ideas that I have).

 It’s not that I am not crafty, or artsy it is simply that I am always so rushed to get to the end product I don’t take the time to savor the construction of anything.

I haven’t tried to make ornaments since, and while I was paroozing Etsy I found some awesome homemade ones that would look great on my tree, or make a great gift for someone else. I love the idea of supporting artisans, like the ones on Etsy, because they have something I will never have: Patience.


Bling and Button Felt Christmas Trees-Set of 2
penguin decorations SET OF THREE
Top O the Christmas Tree Painted Bottle Cap Ornament Set
a handful of Felted Acorns
Ice Blue Striped Ornament
Little House Ornament - Vintage Recipe Book Page and Fabric, No.017
White Doves - Ornament
There are so many to chose from right now on Etsy, so go…go and check it out!
PS: I have a HUGE totally awesome secret to share soon!!