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Weekend Bliss October 30, 2009

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Whew! Can you believe that the weekend is finally here? I felt like it would never come. This weekend is going to be full of bear attacks, run ins with crazy red neck hunters, and falls off  cliffs. Thats, right ladies and gents….we are going on a 12 mile hike up in the mountains. While I was starting to doze off last night, I was compiling a list of survival gear we need to pack for our hike, even though this is just a day trip. This may sound a little crazy, but my list goes a little something like this:

1. A gun, good enough to knock a bear off its feet if it starts charging, and good enough to get a red neck hunter to back off if he wants to steal The Bike Man’s wife (um, that would be me)

2. Enough food to last a week, maybe 2 in the event we become lost, disoriented, or catch the swine flu

3. Blankets, and pillows because leaves and pine needles just don’t do it for me, and if we get lost and have to spend the night I am sure the news reporters will be there in the morning and I have to look my best

4. Water and diet coke, water for survival and showers, and diet coke because I cant take a coffee pot, hmmmm, on second thought…

5. My pj’s, because I cant sleep in jeans (see # 3)

6. Matches, and a duraflame log, enough said, it gets cold at night

7. A camera, because if anything crazy happens I have to post it on my blog upon my arrival back home

This may sound extreme, and mind you I aint no girly girl, but I do have needs.

So, I leave you with pictures of what my trip will be like…..

Dreamy Autumn Forest - Photo Art Print - All Sizes Available

View from the Smokies - Photo Art Print - All Sizes Available

Colorful Autumn Leaves - Photo Art Print - All Sizes Available

Eagle Profile Close-Up - Photo Art Print - All Sizes Available

Photos from Eye Shutter To Think Photography

View Image

links in photos

Luckily we have trusty Ridley come with us, with a dog that size you could scare a red neck, and feed a bear (total joke, The Bike Man would be the first to go)!


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  1. Zoe Says:

    That guy is hot.

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