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Ridley’s Tuesday Bliss October 27, 2009

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Ridley and I had a conversation last night (it was mainly me doing the conversing, and him listening). I was explaining to him that as much as I love to cuddle with his 100 lb furry body all night, he is ruining my duvet cover, and white sheets. He gets his hair all over it, he brings dirt from the trails to bed with him, and lets not talk about his chewing problem. Now, I know it is my fault for allowing him up there in the first place. The first day we brought him home he couldn’t even jump up on the bed, therefore we lifted him up and started the bad habit. So I was thinking about getting the Rid-ster a bed of his own. There is this great website called All Modern Pet, that carries some of the coolest stuff for our furry family members.

Harry Barker Eco-Friendly Organic Hemp Striped Pet Bed   Bowsers Dutchie Dog Bed in Diamond Microvelvet Fabric

Bowsers Super Soft Round Dog Bed in Diamond Microvelvet   Harry Barker Rectangle Eco-Friendly Toile Pet Bed

Car Seats   Wheeled Carriers

DenHaus TownHaus Wooden Pet Crate - Large   DenHaus The BowHaus Modern Pet Crate

George SF Every Dog Has His Day Porcelain Dog Bowl   George SF Stick Logo Slope Side Pet Bowl

26 Bars & A Band Snakeskin Personalized Pet Collar   George SF Gingham Cotton Dog Collar

Ridley did not exactly agree to spending his nights on a dog bed, however he did take interest in another item that he could get his chew on…but straight from the horses (dogs) mouth…All Modern Pet is cool enough for Ridley, cool enough for me, and cool enough for your pup too!! Tell me what you think? Are puppy beds the way to go, or do you let your bedding go to the wayside all for your pooch?


One Response to “Ridley’s Tuesday Bliss”

  1. athenazoe Says:

    Our dogs seem to sleep wherever, whenever! They each have a little bed but Tofu prefers anything soft. He will lay on towels, blankets, trash bags, suitcases, stuffed animals, etc.

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