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Birthday Bliss October 27, 2009

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I wont lie, I love birthdays, especially my own. Even now as an adult my family still gathers to celebrate the joyous occasion whether the birthday person is there or not. So yesterday when I posted about emailing The Bike Man my birthday/Christmas list, my cousin inquired about my wants. For those who don’t know my birthday is November 28th, I was originally born on the day of thanks (Thanksgiving…duh), and thats why it is my favorite forgotten holiday!

As a disclosure statement I must add that I am no typically someone with the “gimmes”, I am actually one who is usually content with very little. It just so happens The Bike Man and I can afford to give me a good Birthday present this year. I am also not a shopper, therefore I do not regularly fall into the temptations of buying all my wants year-round.

Another Disclosure statement, I am not expecting all these items, just one or two….but a girl can dream right?!?

Sweater Dress from Anthropoligie , this is my #1 present that I would like to have

Circle Lovebird Necklace

Elliot Bird Stud

Necklace and earings from Figs and Ginger

Flats from Old Navy

Boots from Old Navy

Cardigan from JCrack
  0411_1356_001Boots from American Eagle, this is my #2 present I would like to have
Shirt from American Eagle
Vest from American Eagle
9530233 Front Detail
9375179 Angle Large
I actually have DSLR Camera on order, and will soon be taking photos of everything, therefore I need Photoshop and a MacBook! So since they are both needs they don’t really fall into the gift category, however I will happily accept them!
Guess what tomorrow is Hump Day!! I have a surprise for tomorrow!

One Response to “Birthday Bliss”

  1. athenazoe Says:

    That’s a fairly short list! Lord only knows how long mine would be. Yikes!

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