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Because not every women was born domesticated

Over the Weekend Bliss October 26, 2009

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This weekend was down right full of goodness. On Saturday, The Bike Man, the pup, and I started our day off at the park with a run, and then the whole family went to the William and Mary homecoming game. Saturday was unusually warm for October, with temps toping out at 88 degrees! Now how can a girl dress for football with that kinda weather?!!?

Then Sunday was The Tidewater Challenge. This is the only local mountain bike race within 50 miles from us, and it is always a fun-filled day. Both of our families come out, and tons of friends. Last year The Bike Man got first, this year there was some stiff competition so he had to settle for third. I didn’t take to many photos of him, because at some point all the photos look the same, and they aren’t really a big deal anymore. I took lots of photos of Ridley, and my inlays dog Manny!

Next weekend The Bike Man, Ridley, and I are going for a hike at Sherando (spelling?). I am really looking forward to this except for the bears, and the fact that it is hunting season. So I need my bear repelent, and try really hard not to act gazelle like.

Manny (the white dog), is a 5 month old Euro Boxer, aka Ridley’s chew toy. Really though, they are like star-crossed lovers, and we have to keep them apart because they play to rough.


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