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Loveliness Bliss October 26, 2009

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Loveliness ….. ah, loveliness.

I just got done sending my hubby a long email, with links, pictures, sizes and colors of stuff I want for my birthday and Christmas. It’s his fault, he asked and I provided. I came up with a list of stores I would like gift cards to, or actual items from, and to be honest I think it is very thorough, and I expect him to pull through! The Bike Man loves to buy me things, I guess thats his way of showing love. Mainly he likes to buy me things for one of my bikes, and for running. Last Valentines Day I received a pink bicycle trainer (it’s a way of making your bike a stationary bike), at Christmas I usually receive the entire winter wardrobe from Under Armor, and a wide variety of athletic socks and chaffing cream. Last week the Bike Man came home with a proud anouncement…”For your birthday I want to get you new mountain bike shoes and road shoes”, I am in need of both, and would love to receive this lavish gift, however, I think that this year I want something from outside of the wide world of sports. So a list of optional items is what I simply provided him with, after I let him down from his grand idea. Here is my thought process, necessities do not come wrapped with ribbons and bows, they are bought simply for the need. Last week when the Bike Man needed new wheels for his Cross Bike there was no birthday card involved, a couple of months ago when he thought I lost all of his winter bike riding wardrobe, and he rushed out to buy all needed new stuff just to finds his lost items days later, there was no Christmas stocking stuffed. Furthermore, when you go to the grocery store because you need milk, do you expect the bagger to top it with a bow? No. I do love that the Bike Man is always keeping my needs in mind, it seems as though he was just unaware of my other needs, so I informed him of them. I do really appreciate his gifts, without them my boobs would be sports bra-less, my bike bum would chaiff, and I would still have zero pairs of socks.

On another note I have lots of pictures to share from this weekend, and I will do so later. I also have some great goodies to share with you too!

Old Soul New Heart, is an online store chock full of accessories that are sooooo fun!

Image of Lookin' for a Beau

Image of Meet Me on Park Ave

Image of Perfect Pouf

Image of Charmed

Image of Enjoys Escapades

Image of Subtle Show Off

Image of Triple Threat

Image of Young Hearts

Image of Bow Tie Not Optional

Image of She reads books

Image of Crazy at Heart

Like they said “Acessories never make you look fat!”


2 Responses to “Loveliness Bliss”

  1. athenazoe Says:

    Soo… what does the list look like that you gave him?

  2. Suzanne West Says:

    umm, love the hair accessories!!! but I love the hair on the model even more!!!!

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