Domesticated Bliss (or miss)….

Because not every women was born domesticated

Weekend Bliss October 23, 2009

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Oh thank Heaven it’s the weekend! The Bike Man, and I have a ton of fun stuff planned for the Weekend. The William and Mary Homecoming game on Saturday, and the local Mountain Bike Race, The Tidewater Challenge, on Sunday! Our social calendar is never full, but every weekend in October has been action packed!

Last night the Bike Man and I stepped out of our comfort zone (…of nine o’clock bedtime), and saw a really great movie! It’s a movie based on the mountain bike race The Leadville 100, in Colorado. The race starts above 10,000 feet and at the top it’s over 13,000 feet (thats above the tree line)!! This year Lance Armstrong won it, but there was a lot of stories behind the race featured in the movie as well. The movie is called Race Across the Sky, and if I were you, I would watch the trailer for it right now…this very second! It was very inspirational, and made me feel like crap since this year I broke my foot, and used it as an excuse to not race all year…..stupid me.

Today, I want to leave you with a few beautiful inspirational pictures….

Grateful - Original Fine Art Photograph

Dreamy - Original Fine Art Photograph

Home - Original Fine Art Photograph

Three Cherries - Original Fine Art Photograph

With Sprinkles On Top - Original Fine Art Photograph

Pictures from Kitty Rogers Photography, check out her blog!


 Have a Super Duper Weekend!!


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