Domesticated Bliss (or miss)….

Because not every women was born domesticated

Etsy Bliss October 23, 2009

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I was M.I.A for a few weeks, which means I haven’t done an Etsy post in a while….So hear ye hear ye…..I have items to share. Lets just say I heart this shop big time, um BIG TIME,  and I would like to send out a big virtual hug to all those lover’s of childlike simple art!! I think I could use one of these on my desk, and to be honest there is nothing cuter than a dang penguin or bumble bee……to remind me to BEEEE HAPPY!

Be Love Print

Big Bee Print

Tortoise Print

Umbrella Print

Bird Print

Sheep Print

Be Grateful Print

Penguin Print

Constant Dreamer Fine Art Prints, also check out the blog!

Peace out my loves!


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