Domesticated Bliss (or miss)….

Because not every women was born domesticated

M.I.A October 22, 2009

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Not the Rapper….Just where I’ve been. The past few weeks have been crazy busy for me, all sorts of things that would put you to sleep right here at your computer if I began to write about them. The past few weeks though havent been easy for me, I have been adjusting to some life changes (no, not pregnant), and hiding in my own corner of the world, curled up in my soft duvet with my puppy, which has been the easiest thing to do. I want to introduce an idea to you, its something that I have found by reading some of my favorite blogs. It’s called Brave Girl Camp. Read about, and then read these blogs to hear about the experiences they each had.

Lissa …If you read Lissa’s blog, you will see how much of an amazing woman for God she is. She is a mother, wife,  and she is also gorgeous as gorgeous gets! If you have time read the archives of her blog, she has been going through a very tough time emotionally (personally), and was in need of The Brave Girl Camp.

Jeanne….Jeanne is also a strong woman, and a mother. I would also have to say she is super artistic!

Becky….To be honest, I am newer to her blog, but she had a great experience with Brave Girl Camp. She is a mother, and a painter!

Be sure to read these blogs, and be you feel like a part of these amazing women’s experience at Brave Girl Camp. There are more Brave Girl Camps scheduled, and I feel like could really be in need of one. Seeing how it is in Utah, and The Bike Man an I are young and on the poorer side, I dont see it in my very near future (unless you are starting a fund for me now). So my thoughts were thinking really hard last night (I also had been drinking wine…so they were thinking wild too!), but how could I have my own personal Brave Girl Camp with some close girl friends. Just a nice day of uplifting each other, eating, praising, crafting, and loving ourselves whole heartedly! Technically speaking it shouldn’t be hard to do right? So maybe each of us should take some time, and do what girls should do….

My mind is still thinking, and wondering about how to go about this, so bear with my ramblings. Maybe we ech should set aside some time before the craziness of the Holidays (yes the Holidays are approaching….), and focus on ourselves. Dont you ever feel down and out? I do, and latley I have been wondering what and where my path is….

Photo courtesy of Becky’s Blog which truly is a blessing and encouraging!



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