Domesticated Bliss (or miss)….

Because not every women was born domesticated

Puppy Bliss September 29, 2009

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So here we are…Tuesday. Not quite Monday, not exactly Humpday, and definatley not the Weekend. However, it being Tuesday it is Ridley’s day of posting. Today there is no grand find, or special pooch toy. Today’s post is based on pure necessity. Lately the pup has been suffering (actually we have been suffering) with gas. He often eats deer or cat poop, and an occasional (everyday) treat from Mom. Since The Bike Man and I are room mates of the flatulent doggy it has become an issue at bedtime. During this time of suffering, we have laughed our way through cheese cutting jokes, and all out gagging. I have found that simply cutting human food, and adding yogurt (aka live cultures) to his food helps.   There are other options, and I would recommend informing your vet of any serious problems (squirty poops, and constipation). Some would say that dogs are also embarrassed of gas just like humans (not the Bike man), this is not the case in our home. Ridley poots his way through the night while singing night songs (snoring loudly). Some may know, but the Bike Man and I have a trail in our back yard (approx 3 miles). We have been working diligently to get it back into riding/running shape for the fall/winter. When we spend the day leaf blowing, raking, and cutting back down trees Ridley is right at our side. It took him several trips to not be afraid of the leaf blower, and to not chew on the rake, however he has become accustom to roaming the woods. Our back yard also is a lake (jealous right), so Ridley takes himself on swims, and finds sticks to chew and chase. This past weekend we found Ridley with a fish….ew right!?! The Bike Man got it away from him, but that night Ridley could have fueled a semi truck. So be careful about what your animals nibble on…you and their belly’s will be grateful!

Picture: March 2009, Nantahala Village, Ridley 7 months and a mere 50 lbs…oh the days!! I hate to brag, but he is the cutest thing in the world!


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