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Because not every women was born domesticated

Anniversary Bliss September 19, 2009

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For our anniversary we will be in Las Vegas. Knowing that we are spenders (food and clothes), we decided not to do a gift for each other. As we all know, not doing gifts to women= kick a$$ gifts anyways. So, the first anniversary gift is paper, and I know better than to give stationary to my hubby. So I decided to frame a map of the US and put push pins into every state we have been to. Since the Bike Man and I have traveled clear across the country (by automobile) for bike races, we have been to many states as a pair! So I downloaded a cool map FOR FREE (amen to free) on National Maps, I bought an inexpensive frame from Target, as well as pushpins. Total cost= $15.00!!

Chelsea J Raynes 005

I started with the frame, and unfortunately I had to take the pretty people who came with it out!

Chelsea J Raynes 006

Then the map, of course all printables come out 81/2×11, so I had to cut it down to 8×11.

Chelsea J Raynes 008

The mat they came with the frame was perfect, minus the gaping hole in the middle. Therefore I added a piece of cardboard to fix my issues.

Chelsea J Raynes 009

The I framed my masterpiece, little did it know, it was about to be pricked all over by little pins! In case you were not sure, I did not use the glass that came with the frame.

Chelsea J Raynes 010

Now Ta-freakin-da, its done. I wrapped it up and put into a Victoria’s Secret bag, now The Bike Man will be thinking he’s getting lucky too!

So now for years to come, we can add little push pins into our map whenever we visit a new place. So I was thinking maybe a trip to Hawaii should be on the works?!?!?!


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