Domesticated Bliss (or miss)….

Because not every women was born domesticated

Domesticated Bliss September 16, 2009

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Who doesn’t like to look fab, be fab, and clean fab? Holla! I like to think I can be fabulous all the time, and that means when I am scrubbing toilets too! So I happened upon a super duper (now you know thats cool) site called Alice Supply Co , that has some Dab to the Fab housewares, and home chores kinda coolness.


Striped Toolbox

Striped Plunger

Lime Hose

Striped Bucket

Striped Dustpan


This nifty stuff is sold online as well as retailers across this grand ‘ol country! I mean, what domesticated Diva wouldn’t be complete with out her own tool box, as well as her own gardening hose? June Cleaver better watch herself, she ain’t the only lady ’round these parts who can clean in pearls!


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