Domesticated Bliss (or miss)….

Because not every women was born domesticated

PETsy Blisss September 15, 2009

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I am thinking Tuesday’s will now be Ridley’s turn to shine. Ridley and I will be searching for some cool pet finds that you and your pooch (or kitty, or gold fishy) will love. For those who dont know the Rid-ster, he is my (our) big 1-year-old chocolate lab. He can be a very strong-willed, stubborn, crazy dog with zero manners. He is also the love of our life. His last “bad boy” day was not to long ago, I bought him a harness because walking him has been such a challenge. On saturday morning before I prepared for my run, I attempted to put the harness on Ridley. He was really good about it. I made sure it was very tight and very secure, so not to slip off. I ran up stairs to change, and came back down in record timing (like 45 seconds)…in that time Ridley had eaten the entire harness off himself into not 1 piece, not 1 thousand pieces, but 1 million- zillion pieces! I laughed, but being a cheap person I was not happy since it was like $25 buckaroos!!!! Anywho…. todays great pet finds come from Etsy!

PB Bones- 1 dozen Dog treats

Mia’s Munchies $5.50


Puppy Print Cushion

Lazar Dog Boutique $15.00


Elevated Dog Feeder Pair, Wood Butcher Block and Stainless

Andrew’s Reclaimed $55.00


Dog Collar - Add Monogramming

3 Pooches $15.99 + $5 for monogram


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