Domesticated Bliss (or miss)….

Because not every women was born domesticated

Crafty Bliss September 15, 2009

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Here are some great Fall Time crafts found on Martha Stewart. Just thought I would share, we all need a little DIY time! October will be here before we know it! On Sunday it will finally be our 1 year anniversary! We will be boarding a flight for Vegas, and staying till Friday the 25th. We go every year for Interbike and Dirt Demo, which is just a big ‘ol bike convention. Last year it was our honeymoon. Exciting huh? I am thinking this year I might have to have some pool time, and spa time.

Corn husk’s around votives.

Look, I know this is an old picture (like Martha in jean button up tops old), but the idea is there….a pumpkin as a vase…just visualize!

A gourd lamp.

Stick coasters

Felt leaf table runner, easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Decorate your porch….


I am not sure about a hanging dry foliage with fire craft, but do whatcha gotta do!

If your Thanksgiving is formal enough for place setting cards, then these are super duper cute!

Like my bible study leader always said, sex is like fire, if it is out of control then becomes wild-fire. So when using paper bags with fire dont let it end up like sex…. (hhhmmmm), I am just trying to say use the electric tea lights!

Now this idea was puuurrty clever, use the pumpkin as a votive holder but put cloves in the top of the pumpkin for a very pumpkin pie smell.

What kinda fall crafts you got up your sleeve? Any pinecones trying to turn into a turkey, or pumpkins ready for soup?


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