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Expecting Bliss September 12, 2009

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Ok, I can finally announce it! We are expecting… a baby! Ok, ok, well not “we” like the Bike Man and I, but my friend Kristina and her husband Marcus! This is very exciting news me, obviously! I have been planning her shower for months now, even pre-pregnancy! We wont know exactly what the baby will be yet, but my life will be complete if it’s a girl! I will cry out loud if Kristina and Marcus bring home a bundle of pink cuteness! Marcus plans on Baby Boy Rivera, but he is all wrong!

So let me properly introduce Kristina and Marcus Rivera….it is a funny story!

When I first moved to Williamsburg, and attended Lafayette High School Kristina was one of the first people who spoke with me. As an outsider she made me fell warm, like I peed my pants. Anywho..I hooked Kristina and Marcus up shortly after our High School Graduation on a blind-double-date (we played pool). I always had a secret crush on Marcus in high school. They starting dating not long after that, and wed in June of 2007. Of course I served as Maid of Honor. My old boyfriend, who also did help some in setting them up, stood by Marcus’ side as a groomsmen.

(Um, that would be me holding the flowers wrong, I did that the entire day)




The funny thing is…Kristina had actually dated the Bike Man for months when we originally first met in High School. I just didnt know it was him, since The Bike Man attended the local Christian School….. basically she dated the man I would eventually marry. Her hubby Marcus and the Bike Man played baseball together too! It’s a small town, and we were meant to be together.


Kristina is a Respiratory Therapist, even though I always call her a nurse. Marcus is sub minus 8 months (good timing huh?) away from his graduate program to become a Physical Therapist (aka Doc). Anywho they are destined for greatness, cant you tell?

As you can tell, ever since we have been expecting I have been super giddy. Mainly because my own biological clock only recently started ticking. I also plan on being there in the delivery room, on the receiving end of the w”hole” (he he) thing! I want to see all action!



We are looking at an April due date, and a February Baby Shower. Yeah!!!


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  1. Heather Burnett Says:

    I am so excited! 🙂

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