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Because not every women was born domesticated

Artsy Bliss September 11, 2009

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So seeing how our big one anniversary is just one week and 2 days away I got to thinking about what kind of custom artwork could really highlight it. I am not big on putting up pictures of myself all over my house, so I was looking for other ways to make “lovey dovey” wall artwork. I know of this great little website called Name Your Design, that make very mod (slighty expensive), super cool, and very personal prints.

Cute Right……cool for a baby, but could be made for a couple highlighting their wedding date….
Of course this bicycle one would be WAY perfect for us!!
Ok, so I thought to myself…..wonder if I could do this…so I opened up Powerpoint and made this….
Not to shabby right…..I can get them printed at Kinko’s on canvas paper for fairly cheapooo! And I was thinking they would look cool with a large white matting and bold black frames, hung side by side over the bed or anywhere else for that matter. Although they are not normally my style…I thought before I printed them, I could play around with the fonts/colors etc…. and see if I could make them a weee bit less modern. The point is, I can really make some of my own home decor on the cheap … and on the fly!!!

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