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Thoughtful Bliss September 10, 2009

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So here is a thought! Lately I have been trying to figure out how I am spend my time, and how much I am wasting time. I really squander a lot of time. My life has really passed me by, and frankly this time wasting business has gotta end here! My blog was created to chronicle my crazy life (and it is crazy), and to help me make myself who I am gonna be. My path in life seems much like my mothers is: lost in a sea of talent, and no way to channel it. I have decided to make a few changes on my time spending habits. Let me show you the break down:

168 hours in week

-63 for sleep (yes I actually do sleep 9 hours a night!….I dont have children)

-42 for work (I added car time in too!)

-15 for training/excercise

-2 for dog walks

-1 for bill paying

This leaves me with 45 hours left in the week, approximately 6.4 spare hours a day (give or take weekend time!)

So I have come up with a challenge for myself. I will start in October so I have a full month.

Here is the plan:

2 creative things a month Examples: working on my paintings, refinishing a piece of furniture, making a card, trying a new recipe, painting a room, doing seasonal crafts

2 kind hearted out of my way helpful things: cleaning someones house, making cookies for fire fighters, helping at church, helping girl scouts, spending time with a lonely person, doing errands for someone, walk a neighbors dog, write a letter and mail it, spend time with friends and family… catch up with a friend I have not seen a while

Read 1 book: a book I have not read a thousand times, something new and maybe even different from my normal genre

Experience 1 thing I havent done before: a corn maze (non-haunted), learn a few words of another language, use a chain saw, sky jump, bake a pie, run at a different park, join the local running club, give up my phone for a day, give up tv for a week, sing at church on the stage,

October will be a great month to start, I can bake a pie, do a cornmaze, carve a pumpkin, and read a fall book on a cool fall night. I can knit a scarf and donate it to charity, and sing on stage at church!

It is time for a change in my life, Time will no longer be wasted!

I leave you with BHG simple crafts under 10 smackaroos….

bowls with contact paper


Wired Candles

noodle tree



utensile holder

popcorn baskets


2 Responses to “Thoughtful Bliss”

  1. Zoe Says:

    I like this post. I should really think about my time as well and figure something out. In my brain I am creative but in reality I never sit down and complete anything. It’s very annoying. I need to think about this…

  2. […] you may remember about my previous post about time and how I waste it. One of my goals was to read more, and  that is why I have started this book […]

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