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Wedding Month Bliss Part 2 September 5, 2009

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DIY is all I have to say. In some cases I did not opt to DIY, because my wedding was large. My in-laws grew up in my town, and they are very well known folks. So to cut some costs I chose to DIY! I made the frames for the center piece of the tables, I made the shell for the ring bearer, I made the buckets for the flower girls, the fans for the programs, the favors for 300 people, ordered all the decor and actually decorated all day just hours before the wedding, and ribboned the bubbles for the get away!! Sometimes you just have to round up the troops (of very willing helpers), and get to work on your wedding!


These frames were one buck @ Michael’s, I spray painted them, then stamped them and embossed them for just the right look. They currently are in many homes today. The pictures I ordered from Walmart and they cost me less than seven buckaroooos for 30 of them! The favors were Hershey Hugs and Kisses in little white boxes. Most people ate them before they left the reception. I double wrapped them to look like a flower, and stamped the little tags. The shell holding the wedding rings was shell bought at Michael’s for $2, then I added the colored tulle, fake flower, and the ribbon for a custom look.





The Chinese paper lanterns I ordered of the internet, I ordered all different sizes and colors (maybe 65-70 qty) in total I payed like $100 for all of them.eDSC_0054

The fan programs were very expensive to order. It would of cost us like $400 for 300+. So I bought nice paper, ribbon, extra ink for the printer, and Popsicle sticks. Probably 3-4 hours worth of 2 peoples time, and less than $60! The sign book I made online for $25, it was very custom with our wedding colors, and pictures from our relationship.eDSC_0039







We choose to do Unity Sand (seeing how I am a West Coastie and he a Easterly). Also a cheap project!


I love to see very customized weddings with the Birde and groom in every touch. I also did not mind setting up the day of the wedding. The projects took special planning, and a touch of creativity plus lots of helping hands.

We also wew lucky enough to know sopme very talented mucisans who played during the ceremony, and also helped during the rehersal. This was a huge cost saver!


3 Responses to “Wedding Month Bliss Part 2”

  1. Zoe Says:

    I think it’s great that you had the patience to do so many DIY projects for your wedding. How early did you have to start doing them so you weren’t rushed at the last minute?

  2. domesticatedbliss Says:

    I waited until almost the last minute. I work better under pressure. This is not something I recommend.

  3. Zoe Says:

    That has unfortunetly been my method since I was about ten.

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