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Wedding Color Picks Bliss September 4, 2009

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As some may know now I am a slave to the blog world. I love blogs…especially pretty blogs with tons of inspiration. I have mentioned Style Me Prettybefore, it is a fantastic wedding blog chock full of inspiration! The site holds real wedding pictures, with DIY style or big buck$$ style. I did not know about Style Me Pretty during my wedding planning stages. However, I did spend loads (and tons) of time scouring the world wide web for ideas. Some of my thoughts were from The Knot, some came from television, but all my ideas had The Bike Man and I mind. I wanted or sense of style in every aspect of decor. My original choice of color was orange, but as my ideas grew (and bridesmaids who didn’t want to wear orange) I realized that pops of pink and lime green added so much flair to our affair! I tend to be a black/white/gray wearer of clothes, and prefer blue hues for decor, but I am spunky and quirky and so were my colors! I did also keep in mind the season of the wedding, the very last day of summer. In the end I loved my colors, but I do love to see what others have done with there color choices…..walk with me through some other great wedding color choices…


It’s a nice day for a white wedding! photos from Style Me Pretty.

aaron delesie and lisa vorce

aaron delesie and lisa vorce

Orange and Blue….Fan-feakin-tastic!!!

your bash

your bash

Purples and Greens

spruce floral blue hydrangeas Cape Cod

blue hydrangeas cape cod nantucket

I HEART Hydrangeas!!

If I were a newly engaged Bride to Be again, I would head over to Style Me Pretty. There is so much inspiring DIY, or even decor you could DIY!


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