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Wedding Month Bliss Part Uno September 3, 2009

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After the bling bling lands on your finger the first thing a chica does is rush to the local Bridal store to try on dresses. If you are a normal (or semi normal) girly girl, you have probably already scoured websites, watched Say Yes to the Dress, and dreamed of your wedding dress. You may expect to feel, and look like a princess with layers of tulle weighing down your hips, and a tiara to top off your “do”. Maybe you have dreamed of a pink, black, orange, or blue dress to knock the socks off your Mother in Law. Maybe, just maybe you are the kinda gal who wants a train as long as the Yucatan Peninsula. I did not know exactly what I wanted in a dress when I made my first trip to the bridal store. I thought all I could afford was a dress at David’s Bridal, therefore I had looked up many different types of dresses on their website. I had poofy dresses, girly dresses, tight dresses, and pretty pretty princess dresses I wanted to try on. Here comes my first recommendation when dress shopping: Numero Uno: ALWAYS wear a good faceful of makeup and do your hair when wedding dress shopping. This is very important if you want to feel beautiful while looking for your dream dress. The day I went to the Bridal shop I was waring the normal nude face with a crazy mop of a head mess. No matter what I tryed on, I felt like I looked awful since the lighting was terrible. I had deeper bags under my eyes than I ever had, and even my fingers had cellulite. So on my first trip to the bridal store I realized that the dresses I wanted to try on were not in my size, they were in much larger sizes. Numero Dos: get over the fact that the dresses you are trying on are not in your size. I wish someone had told me to get over this from the start. So…I was at the wedding dress store with my mother (Suzanne~ please note I often refer to her as Suzanne), and my sister Maile (my maid of honor aka MOH), and they were fairly patient with my bad attitude. Numero Tres: Dont wedding dress shop on your period! Finally I found a dress (I thought) was the one. The lady stuck a veil on my head, shoes on my feet, and a fake bouquet in my arms, and I literally had a halo of light around me and I levitated off the ground as angels sang. I bought everything! Well ordered it. All of it. Almost a thousand bucks worth of wedding stuff. About a month later, after looking through pictures of myself looking tired, cellulited, and bloated I realized the dress was not for me. I knew my purchase was FINAL, but I also knew I could not wear that one on MY DAY. It is mt day, the day I am suppose to be pretty. I didnt think I would be pretty. I am a bit of tom boy, this dress was way to girly for me. So I found a new dress, and before I bought it I called David’s Bridal crying, and even against their policy they did the ol’ swaparoo for me! Thank God! Number 4: Never Never Never buy a dress the first time you shop for one. Never Never Never only shop at one store. Keep your options open. Unless you are doing a shot gun wedding take your time shopping. Also be careful about your sizing. Since I am small I had to order the smallest dress available, and then spend close to $400 on altering it to be even smaller. Some stores don’t carry small sizes. In the end I felt beautiful. I was ecstatic about my dress, but this leaves me to my final thing to say: After you find your dress STOP LOOKING!!






Here are some fan-freakin-tastic (cause I said so) Wedding Dresses!


3 Responses to “Wedding Month Bliss Part Uno”

  1. Suzanne West Says:

    Sweetie, your blogs are so entertaining….if I was getting married I would take all of your advice….everybody tell your newly engaged friends about Chelsea’s blog! fyi, just warn them about the whole spelling thingie first……

    • Chelsea, wowwowwow! You look stunning in your dress and I absolutely love the train. Wish there were a detailed shot of it.

      I definitely think the best drama in a dress can be on the back side. I had a huge, low scoopbacked dress with a cowlneck front. I don’t know if I share it with you, but it was so simple yet dramatic.

      The details, all handmade, made my jaw drop. Talk about being classy and saving money while doing it.

      Hope you enjoyed our pics ant that all the beautiful memories were reignited.

      • I’m excited for our second holiday as wives! I hope they turn out as good feeling as they were last year.

        I actually was a bit awed by your do-it-yourself wedding. You took on so much crafting and made it look perfectly harmonious and professional! We did not have nearly close to 300 guests, which would of course have changed the caliber of wedding we had. I think you’re a strong woman for what you did and you should honor that power.

        Surprisingly, I managed to make our event look like something a lot pricier than it actually was. So much research went into it.

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