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September Bliss September 30, 2009

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September only has foot left in the door, and October is bursting its way in. This means Fall has really taken over the atmosphere, and its time for apple picking, pumpkin carving, and soup (or as Rachel Ray would say “Stoup”). Fall really is an exciting time of the year because, the holidays are around the corner, the family gathers around the wood stove in the evenings, and the brisk weather seems to calm down our being. Besides that, it’s the season for boots, chunky sweaters, fuzzy scarfs and no more pedicures! I love falls beauty!

I had decided that October would be the beginning of a new way of life for me, it’s almost like an awakening of the senses. No more wasting time watching endless hours of television, or putting off goals till tomorrow. I have my book club, and I will be posting a review soon, I have new recipes to try, good deeds to do,  arts and crafts on the mind,  and friends to see. We have a family reunion coming up, and I think it is time for another girly tea time! I want to spend more down time with the puppy on our trail with no agenda, just loving nature. I feel so inspired to try new things everyday, and stop living a monotonous life style that I grown about everyday on Facebook! I just really need to focus in my goals!! What do I really want out of life? What do you really want out of life?

No fall posting would be complete without some Etsy finds.

golden apples of the sun -8x10 Fine Art Photograph Print

Aral33 Photography

Apples 4x6 original photograph

Red Linc Art

NEW - PUNK'N PIE - Lip Balm

Bubble Tub

Harvest Time - 5x7 Photo Print

El Dave Photography

Autumn Leaves- 70 yards bulky Handspun Yarn

Spazzy Handspun Yarns

Falling Leaves Painting

Little Fish Like Green

Autumn Maple Leaves necklace

Made By Kalli

 …So I am thinking about taking some classes starting January!!


Fall Fashion Bliss September 29, 2009

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Have you noticed the great colors out for fall? I have especially fallen in love with the deep purples and plums… Seeing how October is basically here, there are so many festivals and activities in town this weekend! The Greek Fest, The Art Show in Colonial Williamsburg, a fish fry, The State Fair, Pumpkinville is open, and the corn maze in Charles City. Everyone should at least do something to salute the beginning of fall. Last night I made a batch of chili, and today I am wearing closed toed shoes (my feet are looking haggard)! The nights have turned brisk, and yesterday during my commute, via bicycle, to work I had to wear arm warmers! Fall truly is such bliss!!pl700113-01qlv01



Old Navy




Forever 21

Puppy Bliss

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So here we are…Tuesday. Not quite Monday, not exactly Humpday, and definatley not the Weekend. However, it being Tuesday it is Ridley’s day of posting. Today there is no grand find, or special pooch toy. Today’s post is based on pure necessity. Lately the pup has been suffering (actually we have been suffering) with gas. He often eats deer or cat poop, and an occasional (everyday) treat from Mom. Since The Bike Man and I are room mates of the flatulent doggy it has become an issue at bedtime. During this time of suffering, we have laughed our way through cheese cutting jokes, and all out gagging. I have found that simply cutting human food, and adding yogurt (aka live cultures) to his food helps.   There are other options, and I would recommend informing your vet of any serious problems (squirty poops, and constipation). Some would say that dogs are also embarrassed of gas just like humans (not the Bike man), this is not the case in our home. Ridley poots his way through the night while singing night songs (snoring loudly). Some may know, but the Bike Man and I have a trail in our back yard (approx 3 miles). We have been working diligently to get it back into riding/running shape for the fall/winter. When we spend the day leaf blowing, raking, and cutting back down trees Ridley is right at our side. It took him several trips to not be afraid of the leaf blower, and to not chew on the rake, however he has become accustom to roaming the woods. Our back yard also is a lake (jealous right), so Ridley takes himself on swims, and finds sticks to chew and chase. This past weekend we found Ridley with a fish….ew right!?! The Bike Man got it away from him, but that night Ridley could have fueled a semi truck. So be careful about what your animals nibble on…you and their belly’s will be grateful!

Picture: March 2009, Nantahala Village, Ridley 7 months and a mere 50 lbs…oh the days!! I hate to brag, but he is the cutest thing in the world!


Las Vegas Bliss September 20, 2009

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Wait did you just hear that? CHA-CCHING! Thats right folks, The Bike Man and I are heading for Las Vegas today (our 1 year anniversary) and we will be back early Friday morning. We may be heading there for Interbike, a bicycle convention, but I plan on getting a little r&r for these few days! Dont worry if I run into Lance I will give him a big smackaroo right on the cheek and say it was from you….

I may even do a few slot machines, and have a few drinks, but nothing to bad that the Lord would frown!

8x8 Fine Art Photograph

photo courtesy of Elle Moss.


Anniversary Bliss September 19, 2009

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For our anniversary we will be in Las Vegas. Knowing that we are spenders (food and clothes), we decided not to do a gift for each other. As we all know, not doing gifts to women= kick a$$ gifts anyways. So, the first anniversary gift is paper, and I know better than to give stationary to my hubby. So I decided to frame a map of the US and put push pins into every state we have been to. Since the Bike Man and I have traveled clear across the country (by automobile) for bike races, we have been to many states as a pair! So I downloaded a cool map FOR FREE (amen to free) on National Maps, I bought an inexpensive frame from Target, as well as pushpins. Total cost= $15.00!!

Chelsea J Raynes 005

I started with the frame, and unfortunately I had to take the pretty people who came with it out!

Chelsea J Raynes 006

Then the map, of course all printables come out 81/2×11, so I had to cut it down to 8×11.

Chelsea J Raynes 008

The mat they came with the frame was perfect, minus the gaping hole in the middle. Therefore I added a piece of cardboard to fix my issues.

Chelsea J Raynes 009

The I framed my masterpiece, little did it know, it was about to be pricked all over by little pins! In case you were not sure, I did not use the glass that came with the frame.

Chelsea J Raynes 010

Now Ta-freakin-da, its done. I wrapped it up and put into a Victoria’s Secret bag, now The Bike Man will be thinking he’s getting lucky too!

So now for years to come, we can add little push pins into our map whenever we visit a new place. So I was thinking maybe a trip to Hawaii should be on the works?!?!?!


1 year Bliss

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One year ago today I was still a Miss, and now I am proud to say I am Mrs. Justin Raynes! I love it, and besides a few mishaps….I have been totally in love my life for the entire year. Tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary, and I just cant believe how the time has flown!

Chelsea and Justin


September 20, 2008!!!!


Warm and Fuzzy Bliss September 18, 2009

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You know those pictures that just really inspire you, and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Here are a few of my muses today.

Happy Weekend to all!




Just for Her - FINE ART PRINT

These lovelys are brought to you by Elisabeth Perotin. Check out her blog.