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Because not every women was born domesticated

Etsy Bliss August 28, 2009

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Now of course this week would not be complete with out some Etsy lovin’!! These great pieces come from a print shop called Yumi Yumi. I think they would go great in any room, especially a hip nursery (**cough cough-Kristina**).

Winter In Love

Tea For Three

White Love Birds (blue/orange)    Poppies (Gold and Reds)

White Love Birds (light orange)  Still Life with Dogwood Flowers (yellow and black edition.)

Still Life with Dogwood Flowers (blue orange)  Little Robin (robin's egg blue)

Still Life with Peonies (green/pink)  White Love Birds (magenta)


What do you think?!?! I think I heart the “love birds” prints, and the great colors!! As I sit here and enjoy my morning cup-a-joe, and fretting over my daily horoscope I am thinking I need to stop shopping at Etsy and get to work!! Thank God it is the weekend. Tonight is a fish fry, tomorrow is my brother’s birthday, and I still have moving and settling to do!! Next week starts the month of  September….which also is the start of Wedding Month!!! I hope you are all prepared for the craziness that will be happenin’ at Domesticated Bliss!!

Peace out



One Response to “Etsy Bliss”

  1. Haley Walton Says:

    I love this Chels! So simple yet elegant!

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