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Because not every women was born domesticated

Oh What Bliss! August 26, 2009

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I know I have been very absent for the past few weeks….It all started with a trip to New York for the Mountain Bike Race. While I was there (with The Bike Man and the Mother-in-law) I found out a good family friend in California died. So, when we got back on Monday from NY I had to pack and be ready to fly out Thursday for the service. All the time trying to frantically pack the house since we are moving. Yes…that’s right were moving! Not into a new house quite yet. Our lease is up on September 1st, and since we are still looking for the perfect house to call “home”, we decided to move in with The Bike Man’s parents to save big buck$$! They have a fairly large home, with many rooms not being used, so with the thought the of saving money and putting good rooms to use we decided to move! I got home from CA late Monday night…as in 2 days ago…and I have been packing and moving and working for the last 24 hours. The Bike Man also informed me we have to be out by Saturday morning as opposed to next Monday night. Needless to say I am crazy! I also started my period this morning, so I am grumpy and bloated! I tell you what, another thing to add to my “Things I have Learned as a Wife” List : Husbands do not like to pack, as a matter a fact they hate moves. When you are working your butt off (literally mine fell off, and now I am way thin-NOT) in the kitchen a husband may be found in front of the TV, or computer, or not found at all. Husbands also call Pyrex purex, and therefore once you make fun of them they refuse to do anything at all. So, when you move hire a friend! Also puppies love moves. Why? Because stuff is everywhere and much easier to get into. Ridley found all sorts of ways to distract me yesterday…he took all the socks outa the sock drawer, tore the sheets off the mattress while it was on the floor, and sheded all his hair on the newly vacuumed floor. Go figure!


I have many photos to share from my CA trip, and I cant wait to upload them. However, my moving is taking precedence right now…. but stay tunned!!!

I leave you with pretty pictures to ooooooo at…..

Patio Set


Vine-Covered Pergola

Photos from BHG.


Dont forget to enjoy every last drop of Summer! Fall is almost here!!!!


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