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Catskills Bliss August 19, 2009

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Over the weekend The Bike Man and I were up in the Catskill Mountains in New York. Our first visit there was last year, and we just fell in love with. We are very thankful for all the traveling we are able to do with The Bike Man being a pro cyclist. We have been in all sorts of mountain ranges all over, and the Catskills are really unlike any other. There seems to be a mystery hidden in those hills, like they are holding a secret. The houses are old, and so much personality. The race was in a small (by small I mean tiny tiny) town called Windham where there is a big ski resort. Next year the race there will be a World Cup, which is super duper cool! Even though it is only August, it was though The Catskills were on the verge of fall. The foliage was getting ready to change and late season blooms were at their peak. The Bike Man and I stopped into an Ice Cream Social at the local Lutheran Church, and we got to speak with the locals. I would really recommend a visit to the Catskills.


Tomorrow I will be heading out to my home state California until Monday night for a funeral.


One Response to “Catskills Bliss”

  1. domesticatedbliss Says:

    Hey! Adorable houses, but where are the mountains? Also, how can a town be tiny,tiny…and have a BIG ski resort? Just Wondering! I love your blogs honey and I will miss you guys while you are gone in California! Notice I don’t say “Cali” and I am a native Californian!

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