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Target Panties and When a Splurge is Best August 10, 2009

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This weekend on a quick trip to Target (the land of the Gods), I stopped over at the lingerie section. I noticed that they were having a fantastic sale on Hanes panty sets. For 8 panties it was only 6 buckaroos. Being the Domesticated Recssionista that I am, I had to buy the set. I tend to be more of a browser in the Pink section of Victoria’s Secret, therefore my panties are not “cheap”. Unfortunately Ridley has eaten 99% of my under-ware (I practically wear crotchless panties)….Note: Heres where the Target Sale comes in….. So after a quick decision on the purchase, I took them out to my car and ripped open the package to check them out (I was gonna switch my pair right then and there). I bought the smallest size (not bragging) in the low rise bikini type. Even with all the excitement of my grand purchase I noticed that if I wasn’t happy with my panty purchase I could return them with full mooolah back (thank God)! I could not believe the size of these granny panties! When I pulled them out of the package I felt like I was hanging an American Flag! These things are no sexy bikini panties, my belly button is  definitely playing the hiding part in hide n seek, and definitely not the picture on the front. I am no longer excited about my underware purchase, and Target will be receiving my unused panty’s back (the package says I can). So I have concluded that sometimes it is just best to buy the more expensive brand. I am all about saving a buck, but I have not let myself  “go” so much that I turn to granny panties.  Here is a list of a few other things I think need to be name brand purchases:


Make up

Face Wash

Sports Bras (Nike)

Cottage Cheese (breakstone)

Coffee makers

Coffee (mmm, Dunkin Doughnuts)

Razors for shaving your legs

Bike Helmets (Uvex)

Socks (Jox Sox)

and of course…Panties

What things do you insist on spending a little extra on rather than pinching pennies?


2 Responses to “Target Panties and When a Splurge is Best”

  1. Zoe Says:

    UM, where do I begin. I found a great underwear place called Gilly Hicks. You can look them up online. I think you’d like them. I like them A LOT better than Victoria’s Secret. The fit is 10x better. No joke. Oh, and you know how VS little pj shorts tend to get REALLY loose after you’ve worn them for 1 night? Not Gilly Hicks! Amazing. Check them out. Or else.

    Let’s see, what else. Certain brands of baby clothes. I know some people think it’s a joke and a waste of money to spend any kind of real money on kids stuff because they grow out of it so quickly, but, not everything. In the case of my kiddo, the brand stuff fits longer. No joke. She grows out of the Target stuff in no time. I also think some of the brand name shoes like Stride Rite and such are better for their little growing feet. I could go on forever about my views on children’s attire.

    How about… toilet paper. Q-tips. Deodorant. Jewelry on occasion– nothing outrageous, but I don’t want anything that is going to turn my skin green and cause my ears to hurt!

    What else?

  2. Suzanne West Says:

    Excuse me??? Duncan Donuts coffee??? You have hurt my barista feelings…..just kidding! I love my Starbucks, mostly cause I make it myself…but I am willing to give Duncan Donuts a try….you buying?

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