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Autumn Bliss August 10, 2009

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Even though temps are a sweltering 97 degrees, I have autumn on my mind. I really love the fall, pumpkins, Halloween, soup and running anytime during the day and not worrying about heat stroke. Even though a real fall is still a few months away, I have decided to do some Etsy Fall hunting…


Tickled Pink Knits


Art Sincerely


Country Dreaming


Thanks to Style Me Pretty, here is some fan-super-tastic fall wedding decor…(To get a better look, click the link…)




ooooo, the beauty of autumn! Pretty soon the leaves will change colors and the acorns will fall. I can’t wait to have cool evenings (not freezing) and mild days….(and racing season coming to an end).


One Response to “Autumn Bliss”

  1. Zoe Says:

    Aw, remember last year when I was there to visit you and we did some fall shopping? That was so great! I miss you guys and would love, love, LOVE to come back!

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