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Weekend Bliss August 9, 2009

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This weekend The Bike Man was out of town, so while braving alone nights way out in the country I also spent some fun time with the ladies in my family. We drove up to Richmond to visit some fantastic stores, that I would recommend poping into. The first store was more of a gallery with toms of great artwork from local artist. The Gallery is called Quirk, and is located in the heart of the city where they have really been revitalizing. There was much fun going on at Quirk yesterday too! Tons of crafts for kids and adults. The cute decor and vibrant atmosphere was pushing money out of my wallet, but I was able to control my over spending. One of the current exhibitions is called Skull A Day, and it is a fabulous thing for the whole family to see.






The next store was also fun filled! Just the outside of the building was enchanting enough to pull you in the door. It’s called the Shops at 5807, located a hop, skip and jump from downtown Richmond. The Shops at 5807 is also packed with local artist, with all different styles of art. The shop is filled with fantastic things to decorate a modern girl’s home, a trendy baby’s crib, and a chef’s kitchen.







This weekend was also filled with moving, storing and the Vineyards 5k. On Sunday I found a great (hideous) tv stand, that will be my next to-do. The best thing about it is the price $5!!!! Looking forward to show you the after.


One Response to “Weekend Bliss”

  1. Zoe Says:

    Show me pics of what you bought!

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