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Ladies get your purses ready! August 4, 2009

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That’s right, I am standing on the roof top to shout out loud…The Bizarre Bazaar is now only 4 months away (yes this means Christmas is coming-aren’t you stoked)!! I hope everyone has been doing there warm up stretches, so your hand is ready to whip out those credit cards! It starts Thursday December 3rd at 10am and goes to the following Sunday.

For those who do not know what The Bizarre Bizaar is, you are just going to have to show up (with loads of cash) to the Richmond Raceway Complex (all you Jeff Gordon fans know what I am talking about). The Bizare Bizaar is the best craft/art show on the East Coast. There is alot of vendors, and alot of walking! On average most ladies drop well over 200 smakaroos at the show. Of course there is your seasonal merchandise, but there is also tons of art and FOOD!!! So, take your booty’s out of the house this December, grab your best girlfriend and head on over to the show! It costs 7 bucks to enter, but there is a coupon on the website.

*As a note I would start stuffing your piggy banks now so your hubby’s don’t notice a big absence of cash!



One Response to “Ladies get your purses ready!”

  1. Suzanne West Says:

    Friday is the best day to go, not so many strollers and not so crowded! I can’t wait for the goodies, the art, the goodies, the beautiful Christmas stuff, the jewelry, the goodies…oh, did I mention the goodies?

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