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Because not every women was born domesticated

Ideal Bite August 3, 2009

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Since 2005 Ideal Bite has been an eco-cool website that offers “bite sized ideas for green living – ideas for real people who lead busy lives and want to make small changes that add up to big results”. Their daily email offers simpler ways to lead a greener life style from organic pet products, eco friendly wine and organic cosmetics. The process of  “incremental environmentalism” helps us eco-lame people to change  step by step. idealbite2

The founders Heather Stephenson and Jen Boulden even have a blog, and post Twitter updates with new ideas for making an eco-conscious home. When a website can make you eco-cool and just cool-cool it’s a real hit. So where have been the last 4 years since it started.  Seeing how bright colors and nifty gadgets always keep my short attention span from fading, I browsed this site for a while and learned some neat tricks. I signed up for the daily email, and they have been hitting my inbox everyday, and that is one email I look forward to seeing. Sometimes I get the feeling being eco-friendly is just a trend, and I am usually not super trendy, however some of the really simple changes are really just common sense. Lets make a few changes in our lifestyle now. I think our earth does need a little TLC and I have some of the powers to do it, and you do too! Check out some of the things I have been changing in my household that were not to hard for me or The Bike Man.


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