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Party ideas July 29, 2009

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Not that I have babies on the brain, but I have babies on the brain. Not my babies (I already have a dog) , everyone else’s. So while looking for cute baby shower ideas I fell across this great site Utterly Engaged. After a year of planning a wedding seeing other weddings just makes one appreciate them that much more. There was one in particular that I really fell head over heels for.


My mind was racing with ideas, and of course cute things I have found on Etsy to help make a party (or shower) just as enchanting as this affair.

The flowers are simple, the cupcakes are totally do-able, and if you ask me the invites are quaint! These things are cute and easy enough for even an awkward fool like myself. A spread like this reminds me of a french garden tea I once (never) attended. Fresh squeezed (bought) lemonade, and Ukrops cupcakes are as easy as semi-homemade.

What am I waiting for? A bun in the oven (not my easy bake) in a friend of mine. Lets get things cooking girl!


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