Domesticated Bliss (or miss)….

Because not every women was born domesticated

Frozen Things July 29, 2009

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Before we vacationed at the beach I had made a great pot of Chili (a great recipe borrowed from All Bower Power). Since I am all about “waste not, want not” (and I am a domesticated diva) I decided to freeze the left overs for a lunch sometime. Today was that day. The night before I decided to set out one of the containers to “un-thaw” (just wait)… this morning it was totally, maybe to much “un-thawed” and I thought maybe I should of let it go through this process in the fridge. Well, I was proud of myself anyways and couldn’t wait till lunch all day knowing that while I ate I was saving money. At lunch it was really tasty, just like the day I made it. Before my bowl was even gone my belly was feeling it. Things were moving and grooving all over my gut (I know, whats new right?) and I was bummed my office was full of people with adequate noses. Still proud of myself I gladly announced to my mother-in-law that I had “un-thawed” chili from 2 weeks ago for lunch. She let me down nicely, it wasn’t “un-thawed”, it was just thawed. Really, I learned something new today. I also learned, it is probably best to just eat chili the day you made it, otherwise you could be asked to leave the office. I am still proud of myself though!


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