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Cool Website Find July 28, 2009

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Have you ever had a website crush simply for the colors, cool design oh… and great merchandise? I  recently fell upon a website crush myself, and were not talking Etsy. It’s called The Vintage Pearl, and I am not talking a new ship for Johnny Depp (I mean Captain Jack Sparrow) to navigate either! If you know any soon to be mom’s or just plain ol’ mom’s who do a great job this is the site to click on.

The cute design, and cool colors of the website grabbed me (by the hair) at first, but then the quirky jewelry, and the oh so love-able pearl charm punched me (in the face)! I know many great moms (one in particular, who would definitely sport my name around her neck!) who could rock this trendy looking necklaces and bracelets. Not only that, a cute necklace with your last name initial, or you and your hubby’s initials would be cool in my book too.

Click on over to The Vintage Pearl, and then fill a shopping basket with loads of goodies.


2 Responses to “Cool Website Find”

  1. Zoe Says:

    aww i want one! these are great!

  2. Suzanne West Says:

    I really recommend this site, I checked it out and also read her blog. I love that she is a stay-at-home mom making a living using her creative talents. Her photography (on the blog site) is awesome and those kids are beautiful. Also on the blog are additional sites to check out for equally adorable stuff, lots for little girls, the Ellebows are absolutely adorable!

    BTW, I love the simple designs of the vintage pearl jewelery….hint…hint….how many shopping days til Christmas anyways….?

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