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Toss a salad tonight! July 21, 2009

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The bike man and I have been trying to munch on more salads lately. Dinner, lunch whenever, it’s Summer for crying out loud I don’t wanna turn on my oven! And of course veggies are always important in a daily diet, and I always like to add some fruits to my salad too! When salads get boring I quickly dump them out the door in my compost bin, so therefore to keep them from going bland we made a few adjustments in our kitchen.

The first thing we decided to do was mix up some greens on Monday. We add all types of deep green lettuces into a big bowl that will last for most of the week. A good size bowl with a lid will do you fine. Here is one from Amazon that is glass (aka a bowl with no bpa).


A good size with room to move allows an easy salad toss minus salad tongs.

Then, we purchase in small amounts (waste not want not) different salad options: tomato’s, onions, grapes, dried cranberries, mushrooms, nuts, spinach, green beans, avocados (trader joes offers frozen avocado half’s that defrost in 60 seconds under a hot water bath), celery, carrots, canned beans…you get the idea.

We also have different dressings like a light ranch, a sweet fruit dressing, avocado dressing, Italian and sometimes a drizzle of evoo will do.

Also by having different cheeses like feta, parm and cheddar- or whatever- it adds an extra kick to your salad.

Then add some protein like fish or chicken (this is always optional).

Then depending on your taste for the salad time you can choose what kind of salad you want.

I like lettuce, grapes, parm cheese, and pecans with a fruity dressing. Justin always goes for a more manly salad with spicy veggies and ranch dressing. The key to getting all your vitamins and nutrients is having lots of color on your plate, so I try to have several colors in my salad bowl.

Having a big bowl of  lettuce cleaned and cut ready to go makes dinner and lunch time that much easier. We always have corn tortilla chips or pitas to add a little substance too! There is nothing better than convenience.


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