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Home Shopping (not Network) July 20, 2009

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The bike man and I a few months ago found a fab (almost falling down), huge and perfect home for us. Unfortunately, since the house is “AS-IS” there really aren’t any banks willing to finance it. Since we have started the home buying process already (loans..ect) we have decided to continue with our home search. I am a regular viewer of Property Virgins on HGTV with Sandra. Both of have really started to learn about the home buying process and we can’t wait to be proud home owners. Since we are first time home buyers we qualify for a VHDA loan, which through Virginia backing our loan up to the banks we need little to no down payment. Now of course since we are on hold for about 6 months we are saving mucho buckos to help do any reno’s or to go for our down payment. I have been scouring websites looking at homes for sale from here to California just to get my toeties wet in the real state market. I want to go in to buying a home with my knowledge full and not get swept into wanting everything. Sooo…the bike man and I have started compiling a list of wants…and would be nice’s. We also have a few areas we are most interested in.

Wants (like for sure)  We’ll just call this NEEDS:

1. 3 or more bedrooms- Or the opportunity to make a 3rd bedroom by putting in some elbow grease and screwing in screws with hammers, and busting out wet saws and re-walling the house.

2. One and half baths at least- 2 full would be nice, but the option of adding a standing in shower in a large half bath would be cool too. I can install a filter to the brita pitcher and I am sure it is  probably  pretty similar to putting in a new shower.

3. A nice open layout- of course once again if I can re-wall, I can knock one down if it is in the way of my open layout. I am a good stud finder…I did find Justin didn’t I?

4. Good neighborhood with other well maintained homes and a good school district. West Point has been ranked the #1 school district in the state for several years and has a great historic neighborhood right on the river, therefore it makes a great place for the Mister and I.

5. Good size lot (I always say plot, but mister land surveyor tells me it is “lot”)-a good size means maybe an acre but only if a john deere riding mower and a cozie for my cold beer come with the house. You can bet I will be mowing in my bikini with a cigarette hanging out of mouth.

6. A well established home- by this I mean an older home. We are looking for some personality in a home. We are not ruling a new home, as a matter a fact we are even looking at building one now, but we’d prefer an old one with character.

7.Central AC and Heat- I know this sounds basic, however we have been living with one small window unit that could hardly blow a fly outa flight and base board heaters. Neither one is cost efficientor comfortable. With all the tax credits right now the central AC and heater could be replaced with an energy star unit that will save us a big bucks! Our little house on the prairie wont cut it for long, I pray to God every time I flip the switch to turn the AC on!

8. A Garage- attached, detched, falling down, fully erected (hehe) as long as there in a garage. Sometimes kicking your husband out of the house to work on bikes is good medicine. We are not interested in storing a car in the garage however a 2 car garage would be nice.


Would Be Nice’s

1. 4 bedrooms- One for us, one for Ridley, one for our bikes, and a craft room.

2. 2 full baths- Updated or not I can update by myself and the Home Depot. If the home only has 1.5 baths and we change it to 2 it could add alot of equity to the home.

3. Hardwood floors- An old home may or may not have the original hardwood floors. If not we can hit up Lumber Liquidators and get some bamboo flooring which will really add value since its eco friendly.

4. Granite Counter tops- or an updated kitchen. Kitchen reno’s could cause a person like me to starve to death. However, if necessary, we could renovate a dated kitchen ourselves which would be insuring our taste for sure.

5. A nice yard- having a finished yard would prevent to much yard work (just stating the obvious here). We don’t have tons of time for yard work, but one day we will so until then a completed yard would be nice.

6. Master Suite- Now I know this is asking alot from an older home but this is a “would be nice”. Lets add a walk in closet too.

7. Tons of storage- We recently added a microwave to our small list of possessions and it completely threw off our kitchen. We need space for our crap!

8. Not to far from town- Maybe one day we could walk to the grocery store instead of hooking up our horse dog to a carriage and spending all day trotting to town to buy corn meal and sugar.

All walls can be painted and new furniture bought (this will have to happen) any house can be made into a home.


*Just a note: I found the spell check button!


One Response to “Home Shopping (not Network)”

  1. Suzanne West Says:

    R ya sure bout that? LOL! My liitle inventive speller you!

    You forgot one room that should be on the Must Have list, a mother-in-laws quarters, ie me.

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