Domesticated Bliss (or miss)….

Because not every women was born domesticated

CDR…$$$ Needs your dolla dolla bill yo! July 19, 2009

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Before the bike man and I got hitched we did a batch of pre martial counseling with a great christian couple that were apart of Justin’s parents youth group years ago. I was against it at first, but in the end I really enjoyed the time spent focusing on our relationship and learning alot from the couple (Deno and Karen). Deno is also a regular rider in our group bike rides so you can say I know his rear very well. Karen and Deno are a super duper couple, and as a matter a fact they have a beautiful (almost) 3 year old girl Naomi. Naomi served as a wonderful flower girl in my wedding, she even managed to be carried down the isle instead of having to walk herself. When Naomi was born she suffered  from some problems that left her with moderate hearing loss. Karen and Deno have since depended on the people at CDR (Child Development Resource Center) to help with her speech. Naomi is the happiest, and cutest little girl ever. After spending some time with her at the beach this week I may have even decided I could handle a little girl. Karen is doing a 5K to help raise money for CDR in a couple of weeks, and if you have a few quarters jingling in your pocket please take the opportunity to help out CDR. Here is the link Karen, Deno and little Naomi mean alot to us, and if you spent just a moment with her you would also fall in love with Naomi too!naomi


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