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Sometimes ya just gotta laugh July 16, 2009

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So here we are on day 5 of 8 days at the beach! After 4 days of the four of us (Justin, me, Dean- father in law, Jane- mother in law) we were joined by some house guests! The house is huge with 3 stories, 5 bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms, a private pool, wrap around decks for each level and a huge entertaining area uppstairs. Why not invite guests right? We also brought are wonderful, most well behaved, puppy Ridley and my in laws dog Cal. Ridley and Cal have taken right to the beach life and regularly swim laps in the pool and chase sticks in the waves. However, by day 2 this house had turned upside down and was blown around by the Raynes family terror (Ridley). Yes he is only 11 months old now, but he is a destructo pup. After only 20 minutes of being left in the backyard with the pool and Cal, he tore up 5 pool toys, and the hose. After being left downstairs in the cool where I had spent several minutes picking up pillows, decor items, chair cushions ect.. he ate and tore up an entire rug and Cal’s bed. He has since taken home up on the top deck which is not equipted with stairs. After being comfortable with the deck he took a big poop on it. As most people would do Justin, Dean and I decided to wash it down. We didnt realize that Jane was on the deck below and it was washing down on top of her. The family has now come down to running away  from under the upper  deck as soon as we hear a dribble cause his pee just runs right through. After days of swimming in the pool, someone finally informed us that pets were not welcomed to swim in the pool. Justin decided to give our bikes a bath and he used the laundry soap (this is not a new thing for him he will also use all the expensive shampoo, dish soap or even a dove bar) afterwards he put the bottle soap back on this fancy entry way table. The next day when it was moved there was a huge dug in hole the shape of the laundry soap container where the soap had ate through the wood. Just the other evening we took the dogs to the sound side (opposite from the ocean side) and it was so peaceful with people watching the sunset and birds floatting….and Ridley taking a huge leap off the dock and chasing the geese (like 50) off while barking and thrashing and water running and jumping, lets just say people left. Ridley as also taken to not sleeping at night, normally he sleeps under our bed at home till 5am when he jumps on top of me to inform me of his need to use the bathroom. Currently at the beach house he does not fit under the bed and pases around all night keeping us up. It seems as though our trip is about ruining this house and seeing it crumble under the Raynes Family or not really having a vaction at all! BUT, sometimes ya just gotta laugh! No one knows this better than my father in law Dean. He is know for messing things up because of his non-chalant attitude. He once tried to fill a hole in the wall with expandable insulating foam and instead made a mess all over Justins computer (which is still covered in it today) then decided to clean it up with Simple Green leaving the wall green forever. With his outlook on things it just makes you think that all the crazy things in life really arent that crazy. I dont mind that my dog is worse than Marley, as a matter a fact he brings tons of joy to my life. His clever attitude and spunky personality win over most and his brute strength plow over most. These days Ridley out weighs me and out strengths me too, it ussually a site of laughter and I am laughing too! Belive me when I say this is a great trip!

** As a note (since I had questions about this) we replaced everything ruined and paid for the extra cleaning service. Also our dog is a puppy and a lab at that so if you dont understand that statement you wont understand life with a lab.**


One Response to “Sometimes ya just gotta laugh”

  1. Suzanne West Says:

    oh my, I hope you’all have vacay rental insurance! LOL. love ya, Mom

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