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Livestrong Challenge 2009- Philly! July 11, 2009

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I havent really mentioned too too much about my extra cirucular activity I spend most of my time doing. Bike riding of course. The hubs and I travel all around the USA for mountain bike races so he can really advance his carrer. He is already consisdered “Pro”, which is puuurttty cool! We usually do 25-30 races a year from here to California. This year I have not done near as many races since right in the middle of my base trainning in January I broke my foot. But in a really great swap of bikes I decided to spend this year focucsing on one day in August. The Livestrong Challenge 2009. I will ride 100 miles on the roads of the surrounding Philadelphia area. I have really been looking forward to it…sorta. I can easily ride 100 miles already physically its mentally that I cant really handle it. Its long and boring so instead of dragging along and finishing in 6.5 hours I have decided to focus my training on higher speeds to finish sub 6 hours. None of this really maters since the focus is really on fighting cancer. Cancer sucks and it helps take so people out of this world too quickly. I have seen people fade away from its grips on their livers, breasts, lungs or brain. I have also seen people fight it losing their hair, strenght and motivation to move on. The more money we raise the more we can help people fight. I only have to raise $250 to ride, but my goal is $5000. Every little bit helps, if 100 people donate $10 thats $1000 that could help a lady who has lost her job because of cancer and is raising 2 girls on her own and can barely aford her chemo. Or $1000 can help a single lady fighting the decision whether loosing her breasts and hair will take away her feminity and fights tokeep her job to pay for her pills.   Please help fight cancer, you dont have to be there for all the pedal strokes it will take me to get to the end of 100 miles, you just have give a little. I know its a hard time right now and spending your money and no getting a physical item in return is tough, but think of the day that may come when cancer takes over someone you loves life and how donated money can help you through it. Remeber me on August 25, I will be thinking of all those I know every mile, ever bead of sweat, and every pain of climbing, it will be nothing compared to the 100 mile climbs cancer fighters face everyday. Follow the link to page to donate. Help a sista out yo!



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